Harvard Law & Policy Review

A HLPR article on the growing challenges to employment discrimination plaintiffs in federal courts was spotlighted by Sen. Patrick Leahy during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

The Harvard Law & Policy Review (HLPR) serves as the official journal of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy and is published twice a year under the direction of Harvard Law students.

The review invites innovative approaches to policy challenges by providing a credible and prominent forum for substantive debate between progressive legal scholars, policymakers, and practitioners. HLPR is a nexus between the worlds of academia and practice, with a focus on promoting scholarship with practical application to societal challenges. Notable contributors have included: Sen. Tom Udall on Senate rules reform, Sen. Charles Schumer on Congressional Power, Prof. Cass Sunstein on welfare policy, Prof. Goodwin Liu on the Supreme Court’s ruling on voluntary school desegregation, former Attorney General Janet Reno and attorney Geoffrey M. Klineberg offering advice for the incoming Attorney General, Sen. Tom Daschle and Tom Inglesby, Director of the Center for Biosecurity, on national protection from biological threats, and the late Sen. Ted Kennedy on how to restore the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

In the recent volume, 9-1, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse examines an increasingly political Supreme Court. 

The current issue of HLPR, along with past articles, is available here.