Voting Rights

The ACS State Attorneys General Project develops, collects, and disseminates legal resources highlighting and examining the authority and actions of state attorneys general in key policy areas. This page collects resources related to voting rights.


Department of Justice, Press Release, Secretary Padilla and Attorney General Becerra Urge California Voters: Know Your Rights (Nov. 1, 2018).

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerra urged voters to review the California Voter Bill of Rights, which were provided in video format in English & Spanish.


Department of Law, Public Advisory on Voter Intimidation Crimes and Poll Center Security, (Oct. 19, 2020).

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser issued a public advisory reassuring Coloradans that the state will protect their right to vote safely. The advisory provides guidance on the crime of voter intimidation, its penalties, and how to report violations.


Department of Justice, Press Release, Ahead of Election Day, Attorney General Jennings Reminds Voters of Rights and Responsibilities (October 27, 2020).

The state Department of Justice has set up a hotline and sent guidance to law enforcement agencies about possible illegal activity surrounding the election - particularly voter intimidation.

District of Columbia

The Office of the Attorney General, D.C. Voter Checklist

The page includes important election information about voting and the importance of   youth voices in the 2020 election and beyond.


The Office of the Attorney General, Guidance for Illinois Voters: 2020 Election (Oct. 16, 2020).

This document provides general guidance to Illinois voters regarding changes to Illinois election law that protect voters during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General, Press Release, Miller opposes Postal Service changes, Encourages Iowans to Vote by Mail (Aug. 18, 2020).


Office of the Attorney General, Election Advisory (Oct. 15, 2020).

In furtherance of the right of the people of Maine to vote freely and safely, the Office of the Attorney General issued an advisory concerning poll monitoring and voter intimidation.


Office of the Attorney General, Voting FAQ for 2020.

The page includes guidance from the Attorney General reminding Maryland voters of their protections against voter intimidation and clarifying the role of poll watchers in Maryland, and information on voting locations and early voting dates.


Office of Attorney General Maura Healey, Protecting Your Right to Vote.

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office created this website that provides information about voter rights, how, where, and when to vote, and how to contact the Civil Rights Division.


Department of Attorney General, Election Security and Integrity

The Michigan Department of Attorney General created this website that provides information about the roles of the Attorney General and the Secretary of State, as well as information about how to register to vote, how to vote, what to do if voters experience voter intimidation, and Michigan’s election security measures.


Office of the Attorney General, Right to Vote Restored (Oct. 11, 2019).

Information for formerly incarcerated persons regarding the restoration of their voting rights.

New Hampshire

Secretary of State's and Attorney General's Joint Guidance on 2020 Election Operations (Aug. 19, 2020).

Guidance regarding what election officials in New Hampshire can and cannot do to facilitate voting during the ongoing public health emergency, presented in Q&A format.

Attorney General Gordan J. MacDonald, Memorandum to New Hampshire Election Officials RE: Election Operations during the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis (Aug. 20, 2020).

Additional, more detailed guidance on some of the concepts raised in the Joint Guidance issued by the Attorney General and the Secretary of State.

New Jersey

Office of the Attorney General, Department of Law & Public Safety, Guidance on the Role of Law Enforcement in Election Activities (Oct. 16, 2020).

Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal issued guidance to New Jersey’s police chiefs, sheriffs, and county prosecutors to ensure that voters can cast their ballots safely and without fear of intimidation. The guidance emphasizes both specific rules regarding law enforcement activity at polling places, as well as the importance of protecting the state’s voters from intimidation and coercion as they exercise the right to vote.

New Mexico

Office of the Attorney General, Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver, Attorney General Balderas Issue Voter Protection Advisory, Press Release (Oct. 14, 2020).

The advisory emphasizes the right of New Mexicans to participate in a free and fair election. It includes critical information about the upcoming general election.

New York

Office of the Attorney General, Voting Key Dates, Resources & Hotline Information

The Office of the Attorney General website also provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Office of the Attorney General, Press Release, AG James Announces Election Day Hotline to Protect Voter Access During Today’s Election (Nov. 5, 2019).

Announcing a hotline and email address to reach attorneys and staff in the Civil Rights Bureau if voters encounter problems on Election Day. The Attorney General’s Office has operated a voter access hotline since 2012 as an effort to reduce barriers to voting.

North Carolina

Department of Justice, Press Release, Attorney General Josh Stein Releases Guidance for Voters in 2020 Election (Oct. 14, 2020).

Attorney General Josh Stein released this fact sheet about election observers and voter intimidation to help inform voters of their rights. The release also links to Attorney General Stein’s Statement on Voting in North Carolina.

Department of Justice, Attorney General Stein’s Column: Making Your Voice Heard in Our Elections (Oct. 2020).

The Attorney General’s Column encouraged North Carolinians to vote, gave them information on how they can vote, and reassured voters that ensuring the integrity of elections in North Carolina is a top priority for him.


Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Addresses Early Voting Election Concerns, YouTube (Oct. 13, 2020).

In a video press release, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost today addressed legal concerns regarding Ohio’s voting process. Topics addressed include “ballot harvesting,” voter intimidation and misleading robocalls regarding absentee voting. The video includes the consequences that could come from interfering with Ohio’s election process.


Department of Justice, Oregon Votes 2020!

This fact sheet, provided in multiple languages, provides information about deadlines for registration, how ballots can be returned, and voter protection laws, as well as details about the Attorney General’s Voter Protection Hotlines.


Office of Attorney General, Voters’ Rights in Effect at the Polling Places on Election Days

The Office of Attorney General created guides for voters so that they can understand their rights & responsibilities, and how to get help with any problems that may come up on election day. The website also provides a printable Election Day Guide in several languages, and a link to report election complaints.

Rhode Island

Attorney General’s Office, Voter Protection

The Attorney General’s Office provides resources to help Rhode Islanders understand their rights as voters and where to go for help if they feel their rights are being infringed upon.


Office of the Attorney General, AGO Guidance Regarding Voter Intimidation and Harassment (Oct. 5, 2020).


Office of the Attorney General, Press Release, Attorney General Herring Outlines Protections Against Voter Intimidation, (Sept. 24, 2020).

Attorney General Mark R. Herring issued an advisory opinion outlining protections in both state and federal law against voter intimidation in response to “reports of activity near polling places that led some voters to fear for their safety while waiting to cast their vote, or led them to believe that they would be harmed for supporting a particular candidate.”


Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General, Press Release, Wisconsin Department of Justice Working to Protect Fair Election, AG Kaul Issues Reminder: Voter Intimidation is Illegal, (Oct. 19, 2020).

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul shared how the Wisconsin Department of Justice is preparing for the election on November 3, 2020. The attorney general also issued a reminder that voter intimidation is against the law.

Other Resources

National Association of Attorneys General Statement Regarding 2020 Election, (October 26, 2020).

The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) released a statement on behalf of a bipartisan coalition of 36 attorneys general, led by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and Montana Attorney General and NAAG President Tim Fox.

John H. Thompson & Robert Yablon, Preparing for the 2020 Census: Considerations for State Attorneys General, (October 2018).

An ACS issue brief by John H. Thompson, the 24th Director of the U.S. Census Bureau, and Robert Yablon, Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin, that provides a holistic strategy for state attorneys general to develop and implement, aimed at ensuring that their jurisdictions are fully and fairly counted.

Listen to the accompanying ACS Podcast., The Role of State Attorneys General in Federal and State Redistricting in 2020.

A memorandum by Professors Justin Levitt of Loyola Law School and James Tierney of Harvard Law School illustrating the important roles of Attorneys General in their states’ redistricting processes through specific cases in which state Attorneys General have exercised both their jurisdiction and discretion with respect to redistricting. In addition, it outlines additional roles that could emerge in the 2020 cycle.