State AGO Employment Opportunities

The State Attorneys General Project (State AG Project) at ACS created the following resources listing summer and post-grad employment opportunities in state attorney general offices (state AGOs). Working in a state AGO enables law students and new attorneys to gain valuable hands-on experience in public service.

While we aim to provide comprehensive information, the absence of any state AGO from these resources does not mean that opportunities are not available in other states. ACS cannot warrant that any position listed here is currently open. This information is current as of the date of publication of each resource, but the state AGOs may change or update the availability of job opportunities, their eligibility requirements, and deadlines. Please contact the state AGOs directly about any of these listings or other job opportunities.

Post-Grad Opportunities

State AGOs have a variety of job opportunities for new attorneys and invite applications from third-year law students, judicial law clerks, and junior attorneys. Some state AGOs offer one-year fellowships, while others have Honors Attorney Programs. Many state AGOs have programs that allow new members of the bar to gain experience by volunteering their services.

Summer Opportunities

Most state AGOs have summer job opportunities for law students, including paid and unpaid internships, fellowships, and externships for school credit, where available.

Events on State AGO Employment Opportunities

April 4, 2022 - Opportunities in Public Service: State AG Honors Programs & Fellowships