April 3, 2019

Senate GOP Rules Change Puts Yet More Extreme Trump Nominees on Fast Track

Washington, D.C. — Republicans in the Senate have used the "nuclear option" to change Senate rules to reduce the number of hours for debate on judicial nominees significantly. Below is the statement of American Constitution Society President Caroline Fredrickson.

“This may seem like your average inside-the-beltway wonkiness, but changes like this will have enormous consequences for the rights and freedoms that Americans take for granted. These are not mainstream judges that are being rushed onto the court; these are people with views on everything from presidential power to individual freedoms to national policies that would make ordinary Americans cringe.

“The far right is engaged in a concerted campaign to use the courts to enact policies they have failed to pass legislatively. And finding new ways to jam radical nominees onto the bench is seemingly the main tool in their toolbox. The result? A judiciary that bears little resemblance to the diverse fabric of our country or the American ideological mainstream.”                                                                                     

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