November 6, 2018

New House Leadership is an Opportunity for Congress to Reclaim its Checks and Balances Role

Washington, D.C. — American Constitution Society President Caroline Fredrickson issued the following statement about the 2018 midterm elections:

"Tonight, millions of Americans took to the polls to stand up for the rule of law and voice their concern over the President’s divisive agenda. They handed control of the House to a new slate of leaders who now have the opportunity to reclaim Congress’s traditional checks and balances role and help provide oversight of the Trump administration that has been sorely lacking the last two years.

"President Trump has displayed nothing but contempt for the rule of law in this country and his administration has engaged in unethical and possibly illegal behavior that under any other President would immediately call into question their fitness for office.

I remain concerned what an emboldened GOP Senate will do, especially when it comes to the President’s aggressive campaign to push the judiciary farther to the right, but our country now has a mechanism to help hold the President accountable that we didn’t have when the evening began."

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