October 16, 2018

An Unprecedented Power Grab: Senate Judiciary Committee Leadership to Hold Nomination Hearings with Senate Empty for October Recess

Washington, D.C. — Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has announced his intention to hold hearings on two of President Trump’s circuit court nominees during recess when most committee members are in their home states. This has never been done before without the consent of the minority and is the latest example of the Senate GOP’s willingness to break norms and bend the rules to force President Trump’s judicial nominees onto the bench.

Below is a statement from Jill Dash, Vice President for Strategic Engagement at the American Constitution Society.

“After months upon months of norm-breaking, there are still apparently yet more lines to cross for the Senate Judiciary Committee leadership. On the eve of the midterm elections and with the Senate essentially empty due to recess, Chairman Grassley is going to hold new October hearings on judicial nominees without minority consent.  It is bad enough that Senators have not been given a meaningful opportunity to thoroughly vet and examine so many of these judicial nominees who serve for life.  Now the committee leadership is going to hold hearings when virtually all Senators have gone home. It is an unprecedented power grab that flies in the face of Senators’ constitutional duty to advise and consent on judicial nominees and makes a mockery of our Constitution and justice system.”

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