December 1, 2023

ACS Statement on the Legacy of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Contact: Nancy Rodriguez,

Washington, DC – In response to the passing of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the American Constitution Society (ACS) released the following statement from ACS President Russ Feingold:

“Justice Sandra Day O’Connor broke a stubborn glass ceiling in being the first woman to sit on our country’s highest court. She demonstrated what it means to be open to all arguments and to changing one’s own views on an issue. In a time of increasing extremism and intransigence, there is wisdom to be had in Justice O’Connor’s legacy and approach. An approach that was surely influenced by the political and legislative experience that she brought to the bench, exemplifying the value of having diverse backgrounds and perspectives upon our highest court. Justice O’Connor’s legacy endures as we continue to make progress towards achieving a judiciary that reflects the diversity and lived experience of the public it serves.”


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