July 14, 2023

The Nation - Warning: A “Convention of States” Is Practicing to Rewrite the Constitution

Convention of States, a far-right organization determined to call a Constitutional Convention, will hold its third "simulation" this August. As this practice-run at their attempt to initiate an undemocratic overhaul of the Constitution approaches, ACS President Russ Feingold is sounding the alarm. Feingold's authored piece in The Nation explains how Convention of States plans to exploit the ambiguity of Article V and the existential threat the group poses to American democracy.

"There can be genuine policy debates about the role of government, and there should be a conversation in this country about constitutional amendment to address the founding failures of our founding document. But a genuine policy debate and any discussion about amending our constitution needs to be inclusive, transparent, and democratic. What Convention of States is doing is none of these things."

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