September 19, 2022

The Guardian: Ruling the US supreme court isn't enough. The right wants to amend the constitution.

ACS President Russ Feingold wrote an op-ed for The Guardian following President Biden's "Battle for the Soul of the Nation" speech. In this piece, Feingold agrees that the soul of our nation is under threat, particularly by far-right efforts to call an Article V Convention that could radically rewrite the Constitution and strip away federal powers and protections.

"Biden was right. The soul of our nation is under threat. This plan by the far right could send this country into a constitutional crisis, one much more damaging and far-reaching than January 6. Concerned citizens of all ideological stripes should speak out against this radical effort."

Russ Feingold recently co-authored a book with Peter Prindiville on the subject of Article V titled "The Constitution in Jeopardy: An Unprecedented Effort to Rewrite Our Fundamental Law and What We Can Do About It."

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