July 9, 2023

The Guardian - ‘Democracy is at risk’: inside the fight for supreme court reform

The Supreme Court concluded its 2022-2023 term last month, which once again demonstrated the conservative supermajority's political agenda with several rulings that revised, ignored or annulled long-standing precedent. As the Court appears poised to continue its reimagining of American law next year, ACS President Russ Feingold spoke with The Guardian about the urgent need for institutional and ethical reforms to the nation's highest court.

“You can’t hide your head in the sand,” Feingold said. “When the court’s been stolen, when it’s been politicised, when it has the worst ethics reputation it’s had in memory, then unusual measures have to be taken – not to recapture the court for the other side of the political agenda, but to restore the legitimacy of the court.”

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