May 23, 2023

The Boston Globe: Far right sets its sights on gutting the Constitution

ACS President Russ Feingold published an op-ed in the Boston Globesounding the alarm on the growing movement by the far right to call an Article V convention, an unprecedented move that would result in a dramatic rewriting of the Constitution and the potential removal of all the rights and protections the Constitution currently guarantees.

"The US Constitution is an extraordinary document, but it is by no means infallible. Written only by white men and interpreted for most of American history by white men, it still fails to reflect the input and perspective of large swaths of the American public. Constitutional amendments should be on the table to remedy the founding failures of our founding document — including to amend and clarify Article V. This process of amendment, however, must above all else be democratic, transparent, and inclusive. In other words, the opposite of what this right-wing movement is pursuing."


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