April 18, 2023

New Republic: What Can the Democrats Do Now That Republicans Blocked the Feinstein Swap?

ACS Vice President of Strategic Engagement Zack Gima was quoted in a New Republic article discussing the ramifications of Senate Republicans' refusal to temporarily replace Senator Feinstein's seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee during her extended absence. Gima describes the delaying effect of Feinstein's absence on judicial confirmations and urges action to end the gridlock.

"Several of these nominees have been waiting weeks to be voted out of committee and will continue to wait so long as Senator Feinstein’s seat remains empty,” Gima said. “If Senator Feinstein’s necessary absences continue to prevent the work of [the Senate Judiciary Committee] and, in turn, the Senate, she should step down. And that decision should come soon if she can’t return.”

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