March 10, 2023

Law 360: High Court Death Penalty Ruling Presents a Troubling Future

Christopher Wright Durocher, ACS Vice President of Policy and Program, published an op-ed in Law 360 regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's recent 5-4 decision in Cruz v. Arizona. Wright Durocher examines how the Supreme Court conservative supermajority has reneged longstanding precedent, but how Cruz may provide an opportunity for the Court to reevaluate its stance on the death penalty.

"The question is whether there will be at least five justices, including at least two from the conservative supermajority, who are interested in protecting the Simmons precedent, or whether the court will take the opportunity to dismantle or weaken due process rights, foreclosing one more avenue for those sentenced to death to prevent their unconstitutional executions."

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