November 1, 2018

The Caravan, the President, and the Constitution


On November 1, ACS hosted a briefing call on the legal and policy implications of the administration’s actions regarding the migrant caravan and its proposed executive actions affecting the rights of immigrants, refugees, and asylees.

With the mid-term elections around the corner, the Trump Administration has turned its sights on approximately 4000 thousand men, women, and children making their way from Central America on foot to the United States. President Trump alleges that they represent a threat to U.S. security and has suggested that he may close the southern border to the migrants, including those seeking asylum. This week he ordered 5000 troops to the border, and then let it be known that his administration is considering issuing an executive order that would terminate birthright citizenship, in conflict with the 14th Amendment’s promise of citizenship to “All persons born ... in the United States.”

Featured speakers:

T. Alexander Aleinikoff, University Professor, The New School; United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees (2010-15)

Deborah Pearlstein, Professor of Law; Co-Director, Floersheimer Center for Constitutional Democracy; Cardozo School of Law

Kara Stein, ACS Vice President of Policy & Program, Moderator