June 21, 2022

Episode 55: What Is Happening? 2022 Mid-Year Check-in

Special episode recorded live at ACS's 2022 National Convention. In the first segment, Jeanne Hruska speaks with Ian Millhiser, Vox Media, and Mark Joseph Stern, Slate Magazine, about the biggest legal developments of 2022 thus far and the solutions they would impose if they were god for a day. They also sound off on Twitter and offer advice about careers in legal journalism. In the second segment, Jeanne checks in with Jenny Ma, Center for Reproductive Rights, and Rosann Mariapparum, Jane's Due Process, about how people can help their loved ones access abortion services and the sweeping implications of the Supreme Court's upcoming decision in Dobbs.

Episode Host: Jeanne Hruska, ACS Sr Advisor for Communications and Strategy

Episode Guests:
Ian Millhiser, Senior Correspondent at Vox Media
Mark Joseph Stern, Senior Writer at Slate Magazine
Jenny Ma, Senior Staff Attorney, Center for Reproductive Rights
Rosann Mariappuram, Executive Director of Jane's Due Process

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