June 7, 2022

Episode 53: Two Years After George Floyd's Murder - What Gives?

Two years ago, the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, caught on camera, ignited a national and even a global movement for police reform and racial justice. Two years later, reform still feels elusive. On this week's episode, Jeanne Hruska speaks with A.L. Brown, a criminal defense attorney from Minneapolis-St. Paul, about the intersection of racial justice and police reform, and how lawyers and judges can help accomplish reform without waiting for legislation.

Episode Host: Jeanne Hruska, ACS Sr Advisor for Communications and Strategy

Episode Guest: A.L. Brown, Criminal Defense & Employment Lawyer at Capitol City Law Group, LLC

"A statement against the criminalization of Black and Brown victims," by A.L. Brown
ACS Minneapolis-St. Paul: Derek Chauvin Trial Discussion Part 2
"A slap on the wrist," A.L. Brown speaking about the Potter sentencing

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