March 22, 2022

Episode 42: When Legislatures Race to the Bottom

There are orchestrated assaults being led by certain state legislatures against trans rights and reproductive rights in this country. While these attacks have been ongoing for years, they are ratcheting up. From Florida's "Don't Say Gay Bill" to a bill in Missouri that would bar pregnant people from accessing abortion services out of state, state legislators seem to be competing to come up with the most extreme, dangerous legislation. Jeanne Hruska speaks with ACS's own Christopher Wright Durocher and Lindsay Langholz about recent developments in key states and about why we are likely to see increasingly extreme legislation attacking trans rights and reproductive rights in the near term. They also discuss the 50th anniversary of the Equal Rights Amendment passing Congress and being sent to the states.

Episode Host: Jeanne Hruska, ACS Senior Advisor for Communications and Strategy

Episode Guests:
Christopher Wright Durocher, ACS Vice President of Policy and Program
Lindsay Langholz, Director of Policy and Program

"Issues Impacting LGBTQ Youth Polling Analysis," by The Trevor Project
"Texas Is Terrorizing Trans Youth," by Chase Strangio
"What If Roe Fell?" by the Center for Reproductive Rights
Equal Rights Amendment
"Women’s Rights and Democracy Are Inextricably Linked," by Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, Brennan Center

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