March 15, 2022

Episode 41: A State Attorney General Does What Exactly?

This November, voters in 30 states and the District of Columbia will be casting ballots for state attorney general. These elected officials work on many issues that impact our everyday lives, and yet, many people do not know exactly what they do or who is running for the office. Valerie Nannery speaks this week with Lisa Madigan, former state Attorney General for Illinois, about what it means to run for and serve as a state attorney general, and how voters can learn more about this important position before voting this fall.

Episode Host: Valerie Nannery, ACS Senior Director for Network Advancement

Episode Guest: Lisa Madigan, Partner at Kirkland & Ellis and Former Illinois Attorney General

ACS's State Attorneys General Project
ACS's Run.Vote.Work. Initiative
"Get to Know Your State Attorney General; Their Work Matters More than You Know."
Chicago Police Consent Decree
National Association of Attorneys General

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