March 8, 2022

Episode 40: How the Law Views the Ukraine Crisis

Last month, Russia launched a premeditated, unjustified, and unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine in flagrant violation of international law. In response, the international community has unleashed crippling economic sanctions on Russia, President Biden has vowed that the United States will fulfill its obligations as a member of NATO, and the International Criminal Court has launched a probe into Russian war crimes. Debra Perlin speaks this week with Steve Vladeck about the laws and legal systems governing each of these developments, and about why American diplomatic capital is vital in times of international crisis.

Episode Host: Debra Perlin, ACS Director of Policy and Programs

Episode Guest: Stephen Vladeck, Charles Alan Wright Chair in Federal Courts at the University of Texas School of Law

"We Must be Unequivocal in Our Defense of Democracy," by Russ Feingold, ACS President
The National Security Law Podcast: Rhyming or Outright Repeating?
UN Charter
NATO Treaty

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