February 22, 2022

Episode 38: Climate Change Goes to Court

The Supreme Court is taking up four cases, consolidated under the name West Virginia v. EPA, that could lead to the most consequential decision on the government’s ability to fight climate change in recent history. Although the litigation is nominally over President Obama’s Clean Power Plan – which was repealed by the Trump administration but still exists in a zombie-like legal state – it's really about the executive branch's ability to fight climate change - and to govern more broadly. To help us understand what is at stake in this case, Debra Perlin speaks this week with two friends from Earthjustice, Jill Tauber and Kirti Datla.

Episode Host: Debra Perlin, ACS Director of Policy and Programs

Episode Guests:
Jill Tauber, Vice President of Litigation for Climate and Energy at Earthjustice
Kirti Datla, Director of Strategic Legal Advocacy at Earthjustice

Earthjustice's Action Center
Equitable & Just National Climate Platform
Climate Law Blog, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law
Supreme Court Oral arguments

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