June 22, 2021

Episode 3 - In Pursuit of Death Penalty Abolition

This episode explores the death penalty’s future in America. In its final months, the Trump administration carried out an unprecedent execution spree. Meanwhile, the country elected Joe Biden, the first president in U.S. history to publicly oppose the death penalty. Twenty-three states have abolished the death penalty. But as it becomes less common, a handful of states are considering firing squads, gas chambers, and other egregious methods to continue executions. What will be the fate of the death penalty in this country? And what role can President Biden play in its abolition? Christopher Wright Durocher interviews Alexis Hoag, Assistant Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, and Laura Porter, executive director of the 8th Amendment Project, to answer these and other pressing questions about capital punishment in America.

Duration: 41:00

Episode Host: Christopher Wright Durocher, ACS Senior Director of Policy and Program

Episode Guests: Laura Porter of the 8th Amendment Project and Alexis Hoag of the Brooklyn Law School

Link: ACS Death Penalty Resources

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