October 12, 2021

Episode 19: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

Right now, the diversity of the American public is scarcely reflected in positions of leadership, whether on the bench or even in the film industry. While diversity is often discussed in the form of percentages and statistics, numbers do not explain what is lost when diversity is missing. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Zoraima Peleaz is joined by Judge Maria Lucy Armendariz and Emmy-Nominated filmmaker Carlos Sandoval to discuss how they honor their Hispanic heritage and why we need diversity in leadership. They share the personal stories that have shaped their lives and the challenges of being a leading voice in majority white and Anglo occupations.

Episode Host: Zoraima Pelaez, Member of the ACS Board of Directors, Student at the University of Texas School of Law

Episode Guests:
Hon. Maria Lucy Armendariz, Los Angeles Superior Court in California
Carlos Sandoval, Filmmaker

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