April 3, 2020

Creative Lawyering: Fighting Goliath

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On March 31, ACS hosted a panel discussion as a part of the 2020 Student Convention Virtual Series that sought to bring together those using courageous, creative litigation to take on powerful, systemic behemoths whose vast stature, resources, and political clout seems to put them beyond legal liability. Our panelists discussed the strategy, philosophy, and grit needed for legal "Davids" to successfully hold societal "Goliaths" to account.



Randolph Chen, Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia

Kalpana Kotagal, Partner, Cohen Milstein

Toby Merrill, Founder and Director, Project on Predatory Student Lending, Harvard Law School

Sharmila L. Murthy, Associate Professor of Law ACS Faculty Advisor, Suffolk University Law School


Moderated by:

Katie Cion, Programs Director, ACS Harvard Law School Student Chapter