Member News: Week of November 5, 2018

Congratulations to all the current and former ACS members who won their elections on Tuesday, including:

ACS Lawyer Chapter Board of Advisors member Ryan Winkler was elected a State Representative in Minnesota.

ACS Minneapolis-St. Paul Lawyer Chapter Leader Chris Schmitter has been appointed chief-of-staff to the Minnesota governor-elect.

ACS Lawyer Chapter leader Brianna Lennon was elected Boone County clerk.

ACS member Anita Earls was elected to the North Carolina Supreme Court.

ACS member Josh Kaul was elected Wisconsin Attorney General.

Former ACS Michigan Lawyer Chapter leader Jocelyn Benson won the race for Michigan Secretary of State.

Former ACS Lawyer Chapter leader Pierre Bergeron won a seat on Ohio's 1st District Court of Appeals.

Former ACS Lawyer Chapter leader Kristin Boggs won the 18th District State House race in Ohio.

Former ACS Lawyer Chapter leader Brooke Lierman won re-election in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Former ACS Lawyer Chapter leader Jamie Long was elected a State Representative in Minnesota.

Former ACS Northeast Ohio Lawyer Chapter Board of Advisors member Melody Stewart was elected to the Ohio Supreme Court.


ACS President Caroline Fredrickson is quoted in Buzzfeed News and McClatchy DC regarding how an emboldened Senate GOP will affect judicial appointments.

ACS Board member Erwin Chemerinsky is quoted in The Guardian concerning the Senate electoral process.

ACS Board of Advisors member Linda Greenhouse wrote a piece for The New York Times about how the Trump administration is treating the Supreme Court like a “wholly owned subsidiary.”

ACS Board of Academic Advisors member Steve Vladeck is quoted in the Associated Press addressing Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ departure. He is also quoted in Bloomberg LP regarding a court case on the special counsel’s legitimacy.

ACS Faculty Advisor at Boston College Law School Kent Greenfield wrote a piece for the Boston Globe on corporate personhood. He was also profiled in The Heights.

ACS State Attorneys General Project Advisory Committee member Terri Gerstein wrote a piece for Slate on the importance of voting for state AGs.

ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter leaders Joseph Alfe and Grant Talabay wrote a piece for Daily Herald on why Trump can’t order an end to birthright citizenship.

ACS member Deepak Gupta was appointed by the Supreme Court to argue in Smith v. Berryhill.

ACS member Rick Hasen wrote a piece for Slate on the disenfranchisement of minority voters.

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