ACS Member News: Week of October 8, 2021

ACS Next Generation Leaders Francesco Arreaga and Megan Raymond were featured in The Berkeley Law magazine, Transcript. 

ACS Next Generation Leader Rosann Mariappuram was quoted in “Jane's Due Process Continues to Help Teens in Texas Access Abortion” in Teen Vogue.  

ACS Faculty Advisor for Loyola Law School Jessica Levinson authored "Supreme Court will likely kill Roe v. Wade and gun restriction laws this term" in MSNBC. 

ACS DC Lawyer Chapter Board Member Akin Adepoju was awarded the Federal Defender Service Gideon's Trumpet Award 

ACS University of Iowa President Jacob Skold authored “If It Walks Like a Partisan Court, and Talks Like a Partisan Court…" in The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice. 

ACS Member Deborah Caldwell-Stone was quoted in “During Banned Books Week, Readers Explore What It Means To Challenge Texts in” on NPR.  

ACS Member Jarrett Adams appeared on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari for a segment on “After wrongful conviction, man becomes civil rights lawyer in quest for justice.” 

ACS Members John F. Kowal and Wilfred U. Codrington III co-authored “History Teaches that Constitutional Reforms Come in Waves. We May Be Approaching One Now” in Politico.