ACS Member News: Week of November 9, 2020

ACS Board of Directors member Erwin Chemerinsky authored an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times about the latest constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act.

ACS Co-Faculty Advisor at Marquette University Law School Atiba Ellis authored an op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on how President Trump’s claims of voter fraud are undermining faith in the integrity of the voting process.

ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter Co-Chair Dan Cotter authored a piece in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin about the partisan manipulation of the Supreme Court and how its legitimacy is at stake.

ACS University at Buffalo School of Law Chapter Leader Dorothy Shuldman was quoted in WKBW Buffalo about her role as an election inspector.

ACS member Nicholas Bagley authored an article in The Atlantic about the catastrophe that would ensue if the Supreme Court invalidated the Affordable Care Act.

ACS member Mark Brewer was quoted in The Washington Post about being “prepared for everything” in response to Republicans’ lawsuits contesting the vote count in Michigan.

ACS member Michele Goodwin authored an article in Ms. Magazine noting that removing Trump from the White House will not “cure the perception  . . . of the Supreme Court lacking legitimacy [or] . . . undo the growing mistrust of the Supreme Court and concerns about its commitment to protecting fundamental civil liberties.”

ACS member Rick Hasen authored an article in The Atlantic about how President Trump’s litigation strategy regarding the election is unlikely to succeed, but will cause real harm to the country going forward.