ACS Member News: Week of May 9, 2022

*Trigger Warning: The piece below discusses sexual abuse and violence. 

ACS Board of Directors Member Michele Goodwin appeared on Democracy Now for a segment on ““I Was Raped by My Father. Abortion Saved My Life”: Prof. Michele Goodwin on SCOTUS & the New Jane Crow.”   

ACS Board of Directors Member Aziz Huq was quoted in “Supreme Court teed up for major decisions over next two months” in Roll Call.    

ACS Board of Directors Member Melissa Murray was quoted in “Roe established abortion rights. 20 years later, Casey paved the way for restrictions” in NPR.  

ACS Board of Advisors Member Adam Winkler was quoted in “Nostalgic for the 1860s? Then You’ll Love Alito’s America” in Mother Jones. 

ACS Board of Academic Advisors member Erwin Chemerinsky was quoted in “Law School Dean Lashes Out At D.C. Bar Seating Plan As 'Likely Unconstitutional” in Above The Law.    

ACS Academic Advisor Member Leah Litman was featured on “The Supreme Court, secrecy and public trust” on Radio Times, Whyy’s Podcast. 

ACS Indiana University Maurer School of Law Faculty Advisor Steve Sanders was quoted in “IU legal scholar says overturning Roe would be groundbreaking” in Indiana Public Media.     

ACS Chicago-Kent Faculty Advisor Carolyn Shapiro was quoted in “Former Supreme Court law clerks worry Roe leak could sow distrust among justices and staff members” in NBC News.  

ACS University of Alabama School of Law Faculty Advisor Joyce Vance was quoted in “What falls after Roe? Liberals warn of a privacy rights nightmare” in Politico.  

ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter Board Member Dan Cotter authored “High court’s right to privacy violated? Truly a conundrum of a penumbra” in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. 

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