ACS Member News: Week of May 30, 2022

ACS Board of Directors Member Garrett Epps authored “The Supreme Court and the Originalist Fallacy” in Washington Monthly.   

ACS Board of Directors Member Michele Goodwin appeared on Democracy Now for a segment on “Policing the Womb”: Law Professor Michele Goodwin on SCOTUS, Anti-Abortion Laws & the New Jane Crow.”  

ACS Board of Advisors Member Adam Winkler was quoted in “Trump’s judges are coming for California gun laws. Can we stop them?” in Los Angeles Times.   

ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Erwin Chemerinsky was mentioned in “After the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, what’ll it do for an encore?” in Los Angeles Times.   

ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Leah Litman was quoted in “‘Trust’ at the Supreme Court? The court’s self-destruction continues.” in The Washington Post.  

ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter Board Member Dan Cotter authored “Cruzin’ toward oblivion — some rights are more equal than others, court says” in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.   

ACS State AG Project Council of Advisors Member Terri Gerstein was quoted in "Commerce Fraud Bureau to get new powers to investigate wage theft, other financial crimes” in Minnesota Reformer.      

ACS University of Alabama School of Law Faculty Advisor Joyce Vance was quoted in “Intensifying Inquiry Into Alternate Electors Focuses on Trump Lawyers” in Vanity Fair.       

ACS Member Jarrett Adams was featured in “His clients were acquitted of murder. Why did they get life sentences?” in The Atlantic.  

ACS Member Joel Goldstein was quoted in “Kamala Harris wants to get out of D.C. more. But she literally can’t.” in Politico.    

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