ACS Member News: Week of March 1, 2021

ACS Board of Directors member Melissa Murray was on MSNBC explaining what the public will see or find out as a result of the Supreme Court ending Trump’s efforts to keep his tax returns a secret.

ACS Board of Advisors member Erwin Chemerinsky authored a piece in the ABA Journal about how voting rights cases before the Supreme Court could have profound effects on future elections.

ACS Board of Advisors member Linda Greenhouse authored an op-ed in The New York Times reviewing the Supreme Court’s rejection of “Pennsylvania Republicans’ after-the-fact effort to invalidate late-arriving mailed ballots” and previewing the Court’s upcoming voting rights cases.

ACS Board of Academic Advisors member Leah Litman co-authored an op-ed in The New York Times on whether the Supreme Court will gut the Voting Rights Act.

ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter Co-Chair Dan Cotter authored an article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin about the Supreme Court’s continual use of the shadow docket.

ACS Knoxville Lawyer Chapter Chair Luke Ihnen authored an article in DICTA about Knoxville’s first Black lawyers.

ACS San Diego Lawyer Chapter Board of Advisors member Johanna Schiavoni authored a guide in the Daily Journal about amicus participation in appellate litigation.

ACS member Rick Hasen was quoted in The Washington Post about how the Supreme Court could gut Section 2 of the Voting Right Act by creating a test that “requires both the plaintiffs show a substantial racially discriminatory impact AND that requires the state to produce little evidence of an antifraud (or sound election administration) reason to enact a law.”