ACS Member News: Week of June 20, 2022

ACS Board of Directors Member Garrett Epps authored “I’ve Lost My Name” in Washington Monthly.

ACS Board of Directors Member Michele Goodwin was featured in “Cal State Juneteenth symposium focuses on racial progress beyond campus diversity” in Edsource.  

ACS Board of Directors Member Melissa Murray was quoted in “Bracing for the End of Roe v. Wade, the White House Weighs Executive Actions” in The New York Times.  

ACS Board of Directors Member Michele Goodwin, ACS Board of Directors Member Melissa Murray, and ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Leah Litman were mentioned in “Harris to convene privacy experts to talk stakes of Roe v. Wade” in The Hill.  

ACS Board of Advisors Member Adam Winkler was quoted in “Supreme Court puts almost all of California's gun control laws in danger” in SFGATE.  

ACS Board of Advisors Member Steve Vladeck was quoted in “Supreme Court limits ability to enforce Miranda rights” in CNN.  

ACS Next Generation Leader Taru Taylor authored “Juneteenth and the Jubilee of Black freedom” in  

ACS University of Alabama School of Law Faculty Advisor Joyce Vance was quoted in “Capitol attack pardon revelations could spell doom for Trump and allies” in The Guardian.  

ACS Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Faculty Advisor Kate Shaw was quoted in “Gun Ruling Proves Supreme Court Just Coasting On Vibes At This Point” in Above the Law.  

ACS State AG Project Council of Advisors Member Terri Gerstein authored " In Massachusetts, a Limit on Gig Companies’ Deceptions” in The American Prospect.  

ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter Board Member Dan Cotter authored “Nation marks Juneteenth holiday as SCOTUS enters home stretch” in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

ACS Bay Area Lawyer Chapter Board Member Megan Wachpress was featured in “The Heartwarming Story Behind Megan Wachspress’ Contestant Interview on Her Engagement” in J!Buzz.