ACS Member News: Week of July 9, 2018

ACS President Caroline Fredrickson co-wrote an op-ed in The New York Times regarding Brett Kavanaugh's ability to serve as a check on the President's abuses of power. She is quoted in Rolling Stone and U.S. News & World Report concerning Kavanaugh's nomination. She is also quoted in NPR and The Washington Post addressing President Trump's changes to how federal agency in-house judges are hired.

ACS Board member Erwin Chemerinsky wrote a piece for the Los Angeles Times arguing that the Senate must demand answers from Kavanaugh.

ACS Board of Advisors member Ronald Klain wrote a piece for The Washington Post on why Kavanaugh faces a tougher path to confirmation than Neil Gorsuch did.

ACS Board of Advisors member Geoffrey Stone wrote a piece for The Daily Beast on what life was like for American women before Roe v. Wade. He also wrote a piece for the Huffington Post encouraging Senate moderates to save the Supreme Court.

ACS Board of Advisors member Walter Dellinger is quoted by The New York Times addressing Judge Kavanaugh's position on presidential immunity.

ACS Faculty Advisor at Boston College Law School Kent Greenfield spoke on the Marketplace podcast about how confirming Kavanaugh could make the Supreme Court even more pro-business.

ACS Faculty Advisor at Washington University School of Law Gregory Magarian wrote a piece for the St. Louis Post Dispatch about making sure the Court will continue to protect people's rights.

ACS Faculty Advisor at University of Tulsa College of Law Tamara Piety wrote a piece for Tulsa World about the difficulty of principlevs such as "original intent" and "plain meaning."

ACS Student Chapter President at University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Samuel Morse wrote an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun on why the Vice President's tie-breaking authority is anti-democratic.

ACS Boston Lawyer Chapter Leader Dan Urman is quoted by Northeastern News regarding the polarization of the judiciary.