ACS Member News: Week of July 19, 2021

ACS Board of Directors Member Melissa Murray was quoted in “Overturn Roe v. Wade? Conservative divisions could signal narrower outcome in abortion case” in USA Today.

ACS Board of Advisors Member Adam Winkler was quoted in “Permitless-Carry Laws Make It Easier to Pack Heat in Red America” in Bloomberg Businessweek.

ACS Board of Advisors Member Christopher Kang was quoted in “Supreme Court lawyers tell Biden’s commission they oppose packing the court” in The Washington Times.

ACS Board of Advisors Member Erwin Chemerinsky was quoted in “With Trump appointees, 9th Circuit suffers another year of reversals at Supreme Court” in The Columbian.

ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Steve Vladeck appeared on “How do you solve a problem like the shadow docket?” on SCOTUSblog’s SCOTUSTalk podcast.

ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter Co-Chair Dan Cotter authored “Guns, abortion, and noise on high court’s fall docket” in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

ACS Member Rick Hasen was quoted in “How America lost its commitment to the right to vote” in Vox.