ACS Member News: Week of February 28, 2022

ACS Board of Directors Members Michele Goodwin was quoted in “History made: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to be first Black woman nominated to the Supreme Court” in The 19th News. 

ACS Board of Directors Member Melissa Murray appeared on MSNBC for a segment on “Ketanji Brown Jackson makes clear that the Black experience is not monolithic.” 

ACS Board of Advisors Member Erwin Chemerinsky authored “SCOTUS could make significant ruling on EPA’s authority to fight climate change—or not” in ABA Journal. 

ACS Next Generation Leader Ian Courts authored “MADAM-JUSTICE: A Quick History of the Black Women Judges Who Pioneered in American Jurisprudence” in Medium.  

ACS Boston Lawyer Chapter Board of Directors Member Dan Urman was quoted in “Biden’s Supreme Court pick will be, if confirmed, far more than the first Black woman on the highest U.S. bench” in The Globe and Mail.  

ACS State AG Project Advisory Committee Member Terri Gerstein authored “Washington State About to Deprive Its Gig Drivers of Basic Rights” in The American Prospect.   

ACS Harvard Student Chapter Leader Ryan Donahue was quoted in “Harvard Law 2L Walks Away From Summer Associate Position to Protest Law Firm's Work in Russia” in 

ACS member Christian Menefee was quoted in “DAs Refuse TX Gov. Abbott’s Order to Investigate Parents of Trans Kids” in The Advocate. 

ACS Executive Vice President Zinelle October was quoted in “On Capitol Hill, Democrats celebrate Judge Jackson while Republicans pledge a respectful review” in The New York Times.  

ACS Strategic Engagement Associate Eliza Stup authored “We need a Court that represents our nation’s diversity of lived experiences” in Loudoun Times.