ACS Member News: Week of April 23, 2018

ACS President Caroline Fredrickson is quoted by The New York Times concerning Trump’s judicial nominees and the need for a vigorous vetting process. Fredrickson is also quoted in the National Journal on the sequence events following a prospective firing of Robert Mueller.

ACS Board member Adam Winkler is quoted by The Atlanta Black Star regarding the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee.

ACS Board of Advisors member Linda Greenhouse wrote a piece for The New York Times concerning the “war” between liberal states and the White House.

ACS Board of Academic Advisors member Steve Vladeck is quoted by CNN addressing the legal issues in Trump v. Hawaii.

ACS Faculty Advisor at the University of Kentucky College of Law Josh Douglas is quoted by CNN addressing the Texas redistricting case.

ACS Faculty Advisor at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Kate Shaw is featured on Cheddar covering Trump v. Hawaii.

ACS member Daniel Horwitz received the Harris Gilbert Pro Bono Volunteer of the Year award from the Tennessee Bar Association.

ACS members Joshua Matz and Joseph Sellers were featured on All In with Chris Hayes discussing a federal judge’s ruling that new DACA applications must be accepted.