ACS Member News: September 2022

ACS Board of Directors Member Michele Goodwin was quoted in “Child Rape Victims Have ‘Options’ and Other Wild Things the GOP Says About Abortion” in Vice News.   

ACS Board of Directors Member Aziz Huq co-authored “New Mexico official barred from office over Jan. 6 attack — under a dangerous law” in Salon; and was quoted in “Trump allowed 'special master' in case over handling of classified documents” in BBC News. 

ACS Board of Advisors Member Reuben A. Guttman was quoted in “US Gets Bolder in Probing Companies for Defrauding Government” in Bloomberg Law.    

ACS Board of Advisors Member Adam Winkler was quoted in “Texas isn’t a modern-day Wild West. The Wild West had better gun laws;” and in “Abbott tells Uvalde families Texas can’t raise age to buy an AR-15. Legal experts disagree” in Houston Chronicle. 

ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Erwin Chemerinsky authored “Even the Founders Didn’t Believe in Originalism” in The Atlantic; and “How the scourge of originalism is taking over the Supreme Court” in Twin Cities. 

ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Leah Litman was quoted in: “Roberts joins the chorus of Supreme Court whining” in The Washington Post; in “Democracy Can’t Be Reduced to Voting in 2022 — It’s Also About Building the Future We Want” in Truthout; and, in “Republicans Are Showing Contempt for the Rules” in The New York Times.    

ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Steve Vladeck was quoted in “Legal experts slam special master ruling as ‘nutty’ and ‘radical’” in MSNBC; and in “A court just upheld Texas’ censorious social media law. It’s now headed for the Supreme Court.” In QZ. 

Next Generation Leader Francesco Arreaga co-authored “Remedying Past Unlawful Military Interventions: The Case of the Dominican Republic” in the Harvard Journal on Legislation.  

Next Generation Leader Jake Mazeitis co-authored The Prophet of Harvard Law James Bradley Thayer and His Legal Legacy 

Next Generation Leader Colin Parent was quoted in “For Once, California Might Choose More Housing Over More Parking” in Slate. 

ACS Chicago-Kent Faculty Advisor Carolyn Shapiro was quoted in “What’s at stake in Supreme Court battle over controversial legal theory about who controls elections” in ABC News; and in “Justices join debate on Supreme Court's legitimacy after abortion ruling” in NBC News.    

ACS Duke Law School Co-Faculty Advisor Neil Siegel was featured in “Here’s what to read from the left and the right” in Tampa Bay Times. 

ACS University of Chicago Faculty Advisor Geof Stone was quoted in “U.S. Rep. Sean Casten says he’ll ignore Awake Illinois’ legal threat over alleged defamation” in Chicago Tribune. 

ACS University of Alabama School of Law Faculty Advisor Joyce Vance was quoted in “The biggest problem with Nevada’s Laxalt slamming the FBI” in NBC News; and in “Judge Cannon Assigns Special Master, Refuses to Let DOJ Examine Classified Docs” in Truthout. 

ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter Board Member Dan Cotter authored “Opening day near for high court’s new term — get ready to rumble; Chief Justice Roberts asks public not to judge, but how can we not?; and, Before looking ahead to next SCOTUS term, reflect back with these 3 books  in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.   

ACS Madison Lawyer Chapter Leader Doug Poland was featured in “Voting rights warriors” by Loyola University Chicago School of Law.  

ACS State AG Project Council of Advisors Member Terri Gerstein authored “Railroad Companies Almost Inflicted an Economic Disaster on the U.S.” in Slate.   

ACS Member Palak Sheth was featured in “Instagram's Head of Privacy Policy on Advocating for What’s Important in All That She Does” in The Fem World.  

ACS Member Michele Thorne authored “The Biden administration offers thoughts and prayers on the ERA. Can it do more?” in Chicago Tribune.  

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