ACS Member News: October 2023

ACS Board of Directors Member Aziz Huq authored “Another profound repudiation of the Constitution’s core” in Politico; and appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition for a segment on “Harsh Interrogation Methods Raise Questions”; and was quoted in “The Supreme Court May Soon Eviscerate The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” in HuffPost; and in “Does “And” Mean “And”? Or “Or”? The Supreme Court Will Decide” in Mother Jones; and in “Too conservative for the Supreme Court? The nation's most right-leaning appeals court draws scrutiny” in USA Today. 


Board of Directors Member Melissa Murray appeared on the Café Insider podcast for a segment on “Note     From Melissa 10/12: SCOTUS Takes On the Administrative State. 


ACS Board of Advisors Member Adam Winkler appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air for a segment on “How American Corporations Had A 'Hidden' Civil Rights Movement”; and was quoted in “The Lawyer Trying to Hold Gunmakers Responsible for Mass Shootings” in The New York Times; and in “Feinstein’s legacy: Shaping policy on gun control, water and LGBTQ rights” in The San Francisco Chronicle; and in “How the Supreme Court’s next gun case could deal a blow to originalism” in The Washington Post; and in “9th Circuit stays ruling against California ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines” in The Los Angeles Times; and in “Newsom has an ambitious plan for gun violence. It isn’t going anywhere” in Politico. 


ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Ruben Garcia was quoted in “Las Vegas Culinary Union strike vote: Hospitality workers gear up to walk out” in USA Today; and in “Clark County teachers inspired Nevada’s anti-strike law. They might also upend it” in Nevada Current; and in “Culinary and Bartenders Union Members Picket After ‘No Progress’ in Negotiations” in Las Vegas Weekly; and in “Culinary Union's "civil disobedience" on the Strip brings mixed reaction to the message, 58 arrests made” in KSNV. 


Board of Academic Advisors Member Erwin Chemerinsky authored “How far are the Supreme Court justices willing to go to remake constitutional law?” and “How new House Speaker Mike Johnson tried again and again to overturn Biden’s election” in The Los Angeles Times; and was quoted in “The Next Targets for the Group That Overturned Roe” in The New Yorker; and in “Major tests await conservative US Supreme Court in new term” in Reuters; and in “An unexpected check on Supreme Court’s sharp move right: Justice Kavanaugh” in The Los Angeles Times; and in “Supreme Court could drop California’s shield for doctors who mail abortion pills” in The Washington Times; and in “The Latest Target for California Conservatives? Local School Boards” in The New York Times. 


ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Steven Vladeck was quoted in “Abortion, guns, democracy: US rights at stake as supreme court term begins” in The Guardian; and in “Supreme Court allows Biden administration to continue fully enforcing ghost gun regulations” in CNN. 


ACS Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Faculty Advisor Kate Shaw was quoted in “The justices are taking the bench Monday at the Supreme Court for the first time since June” in The Boston Globe. 


ACS Los Angeles Chapter Leader Gary Rowe was appointed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court. 


ACS Member Andrew Gilbert was selected by Law Bulletin Media as a 40 Under Forty Illinois Attorneys to Watch Honoree. 

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