ACS Member News: July 2023

ACS Board of Directors Member Franita Tolson was appointed interim dean at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. 

ACS Board of Directors Member Aziz Huq authored “Ethics reform not enough to restore public confidence in partisan Supreme Court” in Chicago Sun-Times. 

ACS Board of Directors Member Ganesh Sitaraman was quoted in “Biden’s Democratic Party is to the left of Obama’s. Thank a progressive” in The Washington Post. 

ACS Board of Directors Member Melissa Murray appeared on MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight for a segment on “John Roberts’ Supreme Court rolls back civil rights one marginalized group at a time”; and was quoted in “Clarence Thomas Wins Long Game Against Affirmative Action” in Bloomberg Law; and in “Black Supreme Court Justices Spar Over Affirmative Action” in Bloomberg; and in “Supreme Court guts affirmative action, effectively ending race-conscious admissions” in NPR; and in “Ketanji Brown Jackson Spent Her First Year on SCOTUS as an Undaunted Dissenter” in Truthout; and in “Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s bold debut and independent streak” in The Washington Post. 

ACS Board of Advisors Member Adam Winkler appeared on the Cases and Controversies podcast for a segment on “Supreme Court ‘Supersized’ Major Questions Doctrine”; and was quoted in “Surprise Supreme Court decisions suggest justices have eye on reputation” in The Hill; and in “Nobody told her about this gun-safety measure in her state. Now, she wonders if it could have saved her daughter’s life” in CNN; and in “How a Second Amendment case at the Supreme Court is putting gun rights groups in a jam” in USA Today. 

ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Leah Litman authored “Opinion: This Supreme Court decision just isn’t how government is supposed to work” in CNN; and appeared on NPR’s Consider This for a segment on “Supreme Court Term Ends With Decisions That Will Impact Millions”; and on NPR’s Morning Edition for segments on “Supreme Court watchers say politicization of court has eroded trust” and “Judge bars federal agencies from combating disinformation on social media”; and was quoted in “US abortion pill access could hinge on whether doctors had right to sue” in Reuters; and in “Stymied by the Supreme Court, Biden wants voters to have the final say on his agenda” in Associated Press. 

ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Stephen Vladeck authored “Don't believe the data: This is the most conservative Supreme Court we’ve known” in MSNBC; and appeared on Bloomberg TV: Balance of Power for a segment on “The Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling and DEI”; and on the Texas Standard for a segment on “Supreme Court’s student loan ruling raises questions about future of standing doctrine”; and on the Y’all-itics podcast for a segment on “Plenty of controversial decisions, but this Supreme Court may be remembered for what wasn't addressed”; and was quoted in “Affirmative action: Supreme Court justices clash over 'colourblind' America” in BBC News; and in “Supreme Court Strikes Down Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Program” in Vanity Fair; and in “The Supreme Court flexed its conservative muscles. What comes next?” in BBC News; and in “Top court watcher: This term was marked by a broad expansion of judicial power” in The Washington Post; and  in “America Has a Supreme Court Problem” in Vanity Fair. 

ACS Board of Academic Advisors Member Erwin Chemerinsky authored “Opinion: The Supreme Court's wise ruling on free speech and online threats” and “Opinion: The Supreme Court’s ultimate ‘judicial activism’: striking down affirmative action in college admissions” in Los Angeles Times; and was quoted in “Supreme Court conservatives complete another assertive term” in Reuters; and in “Legitimacy of 'customer' in Supreme Court gay rights case raises ethical, legal flags” in Associated Press; and in "At UChicago, a Debate Over Free Speech and Cyberbullying” in The New York Times; and in “Some Dems worry Newsom’s 28th Amendment plan could open a constitutional Pandora’s box” in San Francisco Chronicle; and in “With Trump appointees, Supreme Court delivers 9th Circuit another year of reversals” in Los Angeles Times. 

ACS Board of Academic Advisors member Ruben Garcia was quoted in “What the Supreme Court’s ruling means for religious accommodation at work” in Marketplace; and was quoted in “Man who threatened Golden Knights victory parade bound for trial” in KSNV – Las Vegas. 

ACS Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Faculty Advisor Kate Shaw appeared on CAFE’s Stay Tuned with Preet podcast for a segment on “Hocus SCOTUS (with Kate Shaw). 

ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter Leader Daniel Cotter authored “Top court term ends with a kick to the solar plexus, Moore or less” in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. 

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