Lawyers Urge Congress to Protect Mueller Probe

More than 1,600 lawyers and law professors sign open letter


November 9, 2018

An Open Letter from Lawyers to Members of Congress and the American People

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Nothing is more central to our democracy than the rule of law. As the Supreme Court declared over 200 years ago in Marbury v. Madison, “the government of the United States has been emphatically termed a government of laws, and not of men.” No person is above the law, including the President of the United States. The President, in fact, has the explicit constitutional obligation to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” Indeed, he is bound by his oath to “preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution “to the best of [his] ability.”

Inspired by these principles, we, the undersigned members of the legal profession, hereby stand up in defense of the rule of law and against President Donald Trump’s outrageous attempt to undermine the investigation into possible wrongdoing involving the President’s 2016 campaign and the Russian government.

President Trump’s removal of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is clearly a maneuver to obstruct or end Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible illegal activities by his campaign. The Mueller investigation has already uncovered serious crimes committed by the President’s closest associates. Having now removed Sessions, President Trump has appointed Matthew Whitaker to serve as Acting Attorney General.

Whitaker has publicly mused about how an acting AG could defund the Mueller investigation. He has also published op-eds saying that Mueller’s investigation has gone too far and that the investigation should be limited. Whitaker has the potential to end or severely undermine the investigation in ways that could be hidden from the public.

The Special Counsel’s investigations into Russian interference in our nation’s democratic processes must be allowed to continue. They must continue even if they implicate persons or institutions connected to the President, to his campaign, or to his businesses. To allow the independence of the prosecutorial function in this nation to be sacrificed in order to protect the President endangers the very rule of law on which our nation and our Constitution are based.

We therefore demand that:

  • Acting AG Whitaker recuse himself or otherwise be removed from overseeing the Mueller investigation as a result of his profound ethical conflicts;
  • Congress hold the President accountable through oversight and pass legislation to protect the Mueller investigation; and
  • Any future Attorney General nominated by President Trump pledge to protect the Mueller investigation.

A generation ago, President Richard Nixon assaulted the rule of law by firing a prosecutor investigating the Watergate scandal. But his attack on our democracy was thwarted by dedicated public servants, independent and impartial courts, aggressive bipartisan congressional oversight, and an overwhelming public outcry, led in no small part by lawyers from every branch of our profession. So must it be in our time. This is our challenge and responsibility.

Accordingly, we the undersigned attorneys pledge that we will do all that is in our power to ensure that President Trump is held accountable for his attacks on the rule of law. We will litigate, engage in peaceful protests, and take advantage of our role as community leaders to promote understanding of the rule of law and the seriousness of the current situation.  We will make our voices heard in the media, within our bar associations and other civic associations, and we will call on our representatives in Congress to speak out as well.

We will defend the rule of law from all who seek to undermine it. We call on you to join us.


Deirdre Aaron, Attorney, Outten & Golden

Susan Abraham, Professor of Law, New York Law School

Nancy Abramowitz, Professor of Practice, American University Washington College of Law

Kathryn Abrams, Professor of Law, UC Berkeley School of Law

Elan Abrell

Wendy Acton, Attorney, Acton Law

Brenda Adams, Senior Staff Attorney, Equal Rights Advocates

Sarah Adams

Jill Adams, Emeritus Professor of Law, Retired, Southern Illinois University School of Law

Ryan Adamski

Nadia Adawi, Attorney

Dennis Aftergut, Attorney

Sarah Ahmadia, Esq.

Miriam Albert, Professor of Skills, Hofstra Law School

Barbara Aldave, Retired attorney, law professor, and law-school dean, None at this time

Susan J. G. Alexander, Lawyer, Self-employed as a writer

Courtney Almy, Attorney, Solo Practitioner

Robert Alsdorf, Mr, Alsdorf Dispute Resolution

Laurie Amaya, Attorney, Self-employed

Sherri Andrews

Justine Andronici

Ronald Angerer, Associate Attorney, Law Office of Archibald J. Thomas, III, P.A.

Jaime Aparisi, Attorney, Jaime Winthuysen Aparisi & Associates LLC

Robert Apgood, Member, CarpeLaw PLLC

William Araiza, Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School

Judah Ariel, Attorney

John Armstrong, Partner, Horwitz + Armstrong, apc

Laura Arneson

Richard Arnold, Attorney, Richard Arnold Law

Justin Ashlock, Associate

Phil Atkins-Pattenson, Of Counsel, Sheppard Mullin

Kif Augustine-Adams, Ivan Meitius Chair and Professor of Law, BYU Law School

Susan Avery, Attorney at law

Sahar Aziz, Professor of Law, Rutgers Law School

Pavitra Bacon

Chris Bagley, Attorney, Law Offices of James Scott Farrin

Charles Bailey, Citizen, Self-employed

Janet Baker, Attorney

David Ball, Associate Professor, Santa Clara Law School

Merry Balson, Partner, Balson & Faix, LLP

Alan Bandler, attorney, retired

William Banks, Board of Advisers Distinguished Professor of Law, Syracuse University

Tamara Barner, Consulting Director, SAP America

Shaun Barnes, Associate, Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP

Barney Barqueque

John Barriage, Attotney, Law Iffice if John Barriage

Jesse Bawa, Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills, Howard University School of Law

Denise Bayer, Senior Attorney, Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell, Ltd.

Robinson Beard, Retired law firm partner

Christina Beeler, Equal Justice Works Fellow, University of Houston Law Center

Cory Begner

George Bell

Alex Bell

Salvador Benavidez

Judith Bendich

Mark Bendure, Senior partner, Bendure & Thomas

Emily Benfer, Visiting Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Orlie Benjamin, Attorney, NetJets

Susan Bennett, Professor, Washington College of Law, American University

Elly Benson, Staff Attorney, Sierra Club

Steven Berenson, Professor of Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Nancy Zalusky berg, JD, Nancy Zalusky Berg, LLC

Elaine Berkenwald, Esquire, Self-employed

Emily Berman, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Houston Law Center

David Bernstein

Donna Beumler, Hon. (Ret.)

Barbara Bezdek, Professor of Law, university of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law

Bruce Bishop

Norris Bishton, Presient, NOARUS Auto Group

Susan Bitensky, Professor of Law, Michigan State University College of Law

Jack Bizot, Retired

Timothy Black, Partner, Black & Machtinger LLP

Barbara Black, George Welwood Murray Professor of Legal History Emerita, Dean Emerita, Columbia Law School (retired)

Jonathan Blaine, Director, DFDL

Henry Blair, Robins Kaplan Distiguished Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Christopher Blakesley, Professor Emeritus, UNLV and Prof. Emeritus, LSU, Retired

Jennifer Blasdell, Vice President, Public Policy & Strategic Partnerships, PRH

Beryl Blaustone, Professor of Law, CUNY School of Law

Rick Blaylock

Tyra Blew, Clinical Teaching Fellow and Supervising Attorney, Georgetown University Law Center

Robert Bloom, Professor, Boston College Law School

Cheryl Bloomberg, Attorney, Self-employed

David Bloomfield, Professor, Brooklyn College & The CUNY Graduate Center

Timothy Blum, Attorney, Liberty mutual

Colin Boes, Privacy Attorney

Carl T. Bogus, Professor of Law, Roger Williams University School of Law

Jeffrey Boldt, Attorney/author, Self-employed

Emmet Bondurant, Partner, Bondurant, Mixson& Elmore

Vincent Bonventre, Justice Robert Jackson Distinguished Professor of Law, Albany Law School

George Borababy

Yesenia Bosch Ramos, Immigration attorney, Law Office of Peter Hurtado

Matthew Bouillon, Assistant Attorney General, Colorado Department of Law

Rebecca Bowen Jamil

Aimee Bowers, Attorney, Clarion Law, LLC

Andrew Boyle, Esquire, Self-employed

Kathryn Boyne, Counsel, Ameriprise Financial

Arnie Braafladt, Attorney

Michael Bracamontes, Attorney, Bracamontes & Vlasak P.C.

Hunter Branstetter

Cheryl Bratt, Assistant Professor of the Practice, Boston College Law School

Kinley Bray

Ray Brescia, Hon. Harold R. Tyler Chair in Law and Technology, Albany Law School

Allison Broad, Attorney, New Jersey Office of the Public Defender

James Broderick, Of Counsel Inner City Law Center, Inner City Law Center

Mark Brodin, Professor, Boston College Law School

Alan Brodman, Teacher

David Brodsky, Principal, Brodsky ADR LLC

Evelyn Brody, Professor of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology

Susan L. Brooks, Associate Dean and Professor of Law, Drexel University Kline School of Law

Dennis Brotman, Dennis S. Brotman, Esq., Retired

Michael Brourman, Retired Attorney

Camille Broussard, Professor, New York Law School

Kelly Browe-Olson, Associate Profeesor of Law, UA Little Rock Bowen

Jan Brown, Principal Attorney, Law Office of Jan H. Brown P.C.

LaMar Brown, Managing Attorney, Self-employed

Deane Brown, Partner, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick Dym, Ltd.

Eric Brown, former Ohio Chief Justice / retired Judge

Steven Brubaker

W Joseph Bruckner, Attorney, Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP

Charles Luke Brussel, Adjunct Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law

Jessica Buchanan, Contract/Self-Employed

Kathryn Bucher, Partner, Wiley Rein LLP

Andrew Buckley, Attorney, Self-employed

Rhonda Buckner, Attorney, Self-employed

Lauren Buford

Sarah Burke, Principal, Burke ADR

Elayne Burke, Attorney, Self-Employed

Andrea Burke, Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen, PC

Don Burns

Sam Burrow, Youth Director, YWAM

Warren Bursick, Lawyer, Self-employed

Stephen Butts, Solo practicioner

Elizabeth Cabraser, Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP

Constance Cacioppo Bitter, Cook County Curcuit Court

Edie Cagnolatti, Counsel, Irwin Fritchie

Mark Cammack, Professor of Law, Southwestern Law School

Kelly Campbell

Nancy Cantalupo, Associate Professor of Law, Barry University School of Law

Ronnie Caplane, Retired

Eduardo Capulong, Professor of Law, University of Montana Alexander Blewett III School of Law

Emerson Carey Jr, Attorney at Law, Carey & Dobson LLC

Juanita Carlson, Sole Practitioner, Self-employed

Amy Carlson, Attorney Litigation II, CSAA

Elizabeth Carlson, Attorney, Retired

Geraldine Carr

Gilbert Carrasco, Professor of Law, Willamette University College of Law

Andrea Carrillo, Staff Attorney, Greater Boston Legal Services

Candace Carroll

John Carter

Richard Casagrande, Attorney, Self-employed

Lauren Cassady, Attorney

Juliana Katarina Castaneda De Frankos, KF

Michael A. Cerrato, Law Office of Michael A. Cerrato

Daniel Cetina, Associate

Kim D. Chanbonpin, Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School

Catherine Chaney, Attorney at Law, Camiel & Chaney, P.S.

Bernard Chao, Professor, University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Ellen Chapnick, Dean Enerita for Social Justice Initiatives. Columbia Law School,

Linda Charet, Retired

Matthew Charity, Professor of Law, Western New England University School of Law

Barry Chase, Senior Partner, ChaseLawyers — Miami & NYC, ChaseLawyers

Virginia Chastain-Konerman, Housewife

Mariel Rebecca Chatman, US Department of State

Kami Chavis, Professor of Law, Wake Forest School of Law

Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean and Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law, Berkeley Law

Alex Cheng, Attorney, Carlson, Calladine & Peterson LLP

Nina Chernoff, Associate Professor, CUNY School of Law

Michael Chiang, FullBeauty Brands

Cynthia Chiefa, Senior Partner, Cynthia I Chiefa,P.A.

Gabriel Chin, Edward L. Barrett Jr. Chair and Martin Luther King Jr. Professor, University of California, Davis School of Law

Daniel Chiplock, Partner, Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLC

Alexander Chiulli, Attorney, Barton Gilman LLP

Rosy Cho, Attorney

Carol Chomsky, Professor, University of Minnesota Law School

Sarah Chon, Attorney-Advisor

Yujin Chun, Attorney, Salisian | Lee LLP

Kevin Cifarelli, Lawyer

Diane Citrino, Attorney, Giffen & Kaminski

Brooke Clagett, Self-employed

Stephen Clark, Professor of Law, Albany Law School

Robert Clauss

Steven Clay, Senior Counsel, Centerpoint Energy

Fay Clayton, Retired

Kimberly Clement, Retired trial lawyer California, Retired. Formerly AUSA northern dist. Calif

Linda Clifford, Attorney, Linda Clifford Law Office, LLC

Julie Cline, Julie L. Cline, L.L.C.

Robert Cody, Of counsel, Hunter Carnahan Shoub Byard & Harshman

David Cohen

Natalie Cohen, Hark Yon Marmor, Hark Yon Marmor

James Cohen, Professor, Fordham Law School

Robert Cohen, Lawyer, Cohen Law, A Professional Law Corporation

Adam Cohen, Esq., Cohen & Siegel PLLP

Jose Colchao, Twitter

Ellen Collins

Sara Colpitts, Attorney, Self-Employed

Anna Cominsky, Visiting Associate Professor, Nee York Law School

Andrew Concannon, Attorney

Jenny-Brooke Condon, Professor of Law, Seton Hall Law School

Mary Conklin, Deputy attorney general, California Department of Justice

Anthony Conticello, Managing Attorney, Self-Employed

Elizabeth Cooper, Associate Professor, Fordham Law School

Caroline Mala Corbin, Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law

Nathan Cortez, Callejo Endowed Professor, SMU Dedman School of Law

Michael Cowley, Attorney, Self-employed

Daniel Coyne, Clinical Professor of Law (Ret.),

Ellen Craig

Peter Craig, Attorney, Peter J. Craig & Associates, P.C.

Patricia A Crawford, Attorney at Law, self-employed

William Cremins, Attorney, William C. Cremins, P.C.

Christopher Crimer, Associate Attorney, Esposito & Staubus LLP

Howard Crittenden, Founder, Owner, HBC Law, PLLC

Chris Crittenton, Attorney

Lindsey Croasdale, Attorney, McCarty Law LLP

Katharine Crockford

Courtney Cross, Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction, University of Alabama Culverhouse School of Law

Thomas Crowley, Attorney

Charlotte Culbertson, Attorney at Law

Danny Cullenward, Lecturer in Law, Stanford Law School

Allen Cummings, Principal, Law Offices of Allen D. Cummings

Arthur Cunningham, Partner, Lewis Brisbois

Christopher D’Amato, Attorney, Cellino & Barnes, P.C.

Darla Daniel, Special Counsel, Balson & Faix, LLP

Joshua Daniels

Gillian Daniels

Jennifer Danish, Managing Attorney, Bryant Legal Group PC

Matthew Darwin, Counsel, Cohen & Steers

Jill Dash, VP of Strategic Engagement, American Constitution Society

Jamie Davenport, Attorney, Jamie M Davenport Attorney at Law

Katherine David, Member, Clark Hill Strasburger

Eva David, Counsel, DLC Management Corp.

George Davies, Partner, Quinn, Connor, Weaver, Davies & Rouco LLP

Peter Davis

Julia Davis, Director of Youth Justice and Child Welfare, Children’s Defense Fund-NY

Megan Davis, Lecturer, University of Houston Law Center

Ricardo de Anda, Owner, de Anda Law Firm P. C.

Alex De Arana-Lemich, Esq.

Jose de Arteaga, Program Manager, DC DYRS

Marissa de la Rosa, Deputy General Counsel, Entravision Communications Corporation

Elizabeth de la Vega

Kristie De Pena, Director of Immigration and Senior Counsel, Niskanen Center

Craig Deats, Shareholder, Deats, Durst & Owen, PLLC

Michael DeCillis, Attorney, NYC DOE

Gill Deford, Of counsel, Center for Medicare Advocacy

Joy Delman, Professor, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Rachel Deming, Associate Professor of Law, Barry University

Peter Demkovitz

Ryan Dempsey, Attorney

Madiba Dennie, Legislative Counsel, New York City Council

Kaitlyn Dennis, Associate Attorney, Gustafson Gluek PLLC

Ralph DeRosa, General Counsel, Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU

Meredith Desautels Taft, Youth Justice Attorney, Bay Area Legal Aid

Anne Desgranges, Esquire, Retired

Gina Despres

Gary Deutschmeister, Attorney, Self-Employed

Neisa DeWitt, Retired

Stephen Diamond, Associate Professor of Law, Santa Clara University School of Law

Leland Dibble, Jr, Attorney, Self-employed

Caitlin DiMotta, Attorney, Katz Golden Rosenman LLP

Jessica Diulio, Partner, Ford & Diulio PC

David Michael Dodd, Attorney at Law

Wesley Dodge, Sole Practicioner

Dale Doerhoff, Attorney, CVDL, PC

Jayne Donegan, Executive Counsel, Textron Inc.

Claire Donohue, Assistant Clinical Professor, Boston College Law School

Erica Doran

Andrew Dougherty, Attorney

Katya Dow, Professor, University of Houston

Amy Dowis, Attorney

Lauren Dowley, esq., Dowley Law

April Downs, Attorney at Law, Self-employed

Paula Doyle, Attorney, Self-employed

Lara Drew, Associate Director, Business and Legal Affairs, GSD&M

David Driesen, University Professor, Syracuse University

Richard Driftmeier, Attorney

Cara Drinan, Law Professor, Catholic University

Danni Dunn, Danni Sternfeld Dunn, Esq., Retired

Danielle Dupre, Associate Counsel, MultiPlan

Donald Duquette, Clinical Professor Emeritus of Law University of Michigan Law School, University of Michigan Law School

Christine Durham, Chief Justice (retired) Utah Supreme Court, ZimmermanBooher

Ellen Eardley, Partner, Mehri & Skalet, PLLC

Jennifer Eberle, Attorney, Kinnard Clayton & Beveridge

Vangelis Economou, IP Attorney, Economou IP Law

Katharine Edwards, Attorney

Daniel Ehrenberg

Stacy Ehrlich, Partner, KKB

Anne Ehrsam-Holland, COL (Ret.), US Army JAGC; former Director, Defense Institute of Internation Legal Studies, U.S. Army Colonel (retired)

Norman Eisen, Chair, CREW

Jordan Ellel, Tempe Tri-District Legal Counsel

Mark Ellenberg, Consulting Attorney, Retired Partner, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP

Heather Elliott, Alumni, Class of ’36 Professor of Law, Hugh F. Culverhouse School of Law at the University of Alabama

Janet Ellis, Attorney at Law, Self-employed

Atiba Ellis, Professor of Law, Marquette Law School

Stephen Ellmann, Martin Professor of Law, New York Law School

Diana Embree, Supervisory Trial Attorney, National Labor Relations Board

Jessica Emerson, LMSW, Esq., University of Baltimore School of Law

Kathleen England, Attorney, Gilbert & England Law Firm

Richard Ernsberger, Associate, Behrend & Ernsberger, P.C.

Margret Evangelista, Attorney, Margret J. Evangelista, Esq., PLLC

Roger Evans

Lillian Eyrich, Attorney, Steeg Law Firm LLC

Candace Fabri

Marie Failinger, Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Anthony Falzon, President, Anthony V. Falzon P.A.

Catherine Farman

Michael Farrow, Retired

Phillip Faseler

Kim Fatica, Retired Attorney

Susan Feathers, Assistant Dean, Rutgers Law School

Katherine Federle, Joseph S. Platt–Porter Wright Morris and Arthur Professor of Law and Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Law and Policy Studies, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

Janice Feinberg

William Feldman

Heidi Li Feldman, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Jane Feldman, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Ethics Consulting

Rebecca Feldmann, Visiting Assistant Professor & Director of the Clinic for Asylum, Refugee and Emigrant Services, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law

Denise Ferguson, Esquire, Sole Practitioner

Martha Fineman, Robert W Woodruff Professor of Law, Emory University

Ophir Finkelthal

Louis Fischer

Wendy Fischman, Partner, Potomac Law Group

William Fitzharris, Of Counsel Attorney, PREG O’DONNELL & GILLETT

Joanna Flanagan, Attorney, Self-employed

Kurt Flehinger, Attorney, Self-employed

Theodore Griswold Fletcher, Attorney at Law, Theodore G. Fletcher, Attorney at Law

Margaret M. Flint, Professor of Law, Elisabeth Haub School of Law, Pace University

Michael Flynn, Retired prosecutor

Brianna Ford, Staff Attorney, University of Baltimore School of Law

Jolene Forman, Staff Attorney, Drug Policy Alliance

Franny Forsman, Attorney at Law, Franny Forsman PLLC

Tammara Fort

Eleanor Fox, Professor of law, New York University

Kris Franklin, Professor of Law, New York Law School

Caroline Fredrickson, President, American Constitution Society for Law & Policy

Henry Freedman, retired

Diego Freire, IP Attorney

Jenn French, Esquire, Solo Practitioner

Eugene Frett, Sperling & Slater, P.C.

Alisa Freundlich, Counsel

Mark Frey, Attorney at Law, Frey Law Office

Katherine Friedell, Esq., Self-Employed

Carol Frohlinger

Philip Furgang, Partner, Furgang & Adwar, L.L.P.

Lori Fusco, Attorney, Self-employed

Craig Futterman, Clinical Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School

Marti G. O’Hare, NY Attorney at Law, Mg O’Hare Law

Adriana Gabriel

Martha Gaines, Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin Law School

Michael Gallant, Attorney, Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley, LLC

Gabriel Galletti

Page Galloway, Research Attorney, Superior Court, California

Paula Galowitz, Clinical Professor of Law Emerita, New York University School of Law

Ruben Garcia, Professor of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Marina Garcia

Charlotte Garden, Associate Professor, Seattle University School of Law

Rhonda Garman

Lisa Gary

Julie Gaughran, Partner, Asher, Gaughran LLP

Daniel Gauthier, Attorney

Lynne Gedanken, Senior Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright

Kaitlyn Geiger

Allan Gelbard, Attorney at law and Vice President of The First Amendment Lawyers Association, The Law Offices of Allan B. Gelbard

Amy Gellins, Attorney, self-employed

Diane Geraghty, Professor, Loyola University Chicago

Alexandra Gerber, Attorney

Linda Gershon

Gary Gershon, Self-employed

Doni Gewirtzman, Professor of Law, New York Law School

Ted Gibbs, Senior Counsel, The Walsh Group

Terry Gilbert, Partner, Friedman and Gilbert LPA,

Teresa Gillis, Law Office of Teresa M. Gillis

Brian Gilmore, Brian G Gilmore, Michigan State University (College of Law)

Zachary Gima, Director of Strategic Engagement, American Constitution Society

Marcia Ginley, Marcia S. Ginley, Esq.,

Michael Gire, Partner, Bricker & Eckler LLP

Kate Glover

Amanda Goad

Douglas Godfrey, Professor of Legal Research and Writing, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Rachel Godsil, Professor, Rutgers Law School

Cynthia Godsoe, Associate Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School

Dana Gold, Attorney & Director of Education, Government Accountability Project

Allyson Gold

Jessica Goldfarb, Attorney, Self-employed

Phyllis Goldfarb, Jacob Burns Foundation Professor Emerita of Clinical Law, George Washington University Law School

Emily Goldman, Senior Associate, Hogan Lovells

Anne Gold-Rand

Julie Goldscheid, Professor, CUNY Law School

Phil Goldsmith, Phil Goldsmith, Retired attorney

Jared Goldstein, Roger Williams University School of Law

Joyce Goldstein, Goldstein Gragel, Goldstein Gragel

Dina Goldstein Torrisi, Partner, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym

Richard Gomez, Attorney, Self-employed

Edgar Gonzalez, Attorney, Haymanwoodward

Richard Gonzalez, Clinical Professor of Law, Chicago Kent College of Law

Francisco Gonzalez Palacio

Susan Goodman, Susan Goodman, JD, Retired

Anne Gordon, Senior Lecturing Fellow, Duke Law School

John Gordon, Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota

Brittany Gorin, Associate, O’Melveny

Laura Gormally, Retired

Eugene Gorrin, Sole Practitioner, The Law Office of Eugene Gorrin, LLC

Jason Gould, ESQ, Blackacre Law

Brent Gourley, Attorney at Law, retired

Edward Graham, Director, Business Relations, Brown Rudnick LLP

John Gray, retired

Susan Green, Director, Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc.

Steven Green, Fred H. Paulus Professor of Law, Willamette University

Julie Greenberg, Emeritus Professor of Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law – retired

Jennifer Greene, Lawyer, Scott, Vicknair, Hair & Checki

Kent Greenfield, Professor of Law and Dean’s Distinguished Scholar, Boston College

Peter Greenfield, Mr. (I am retired.)

Jamel Greer, Attorney, Akerman

Scott Greytak

Melissa Grisoni, Attorney

Carolyn Grose, Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Elizabeth Guarnieri, Director

Michele Guindon, Michele Guindon, Esquire, Michele Guindon P.A.

Jennifer Gundlach, Clinical Professor of Law, Maurice A. Deane School of Law, Hofstra University

Deepak Gupta, Principal, Gupta Wessler PLLC

Gerald Gura, Retired 1996as Associate General Counsel, Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Co., N/A

Emi Gusukuma, General Counsel, Sandler Phillips Center

Ashwini Habbu, Counsel, Clifford Chance US LLP

Benjamin Haber, Benjamin Haber, Attorney at Law, Benjamin Haber, Attorney at Law

Phoebe Haddon, Rutgers University-Camden

Barbara Hager, Esquire

Robert Hahn, Attorney, Law office of Gould & Hahn

Anthony Halbeisen, Attorney, OMW

Peter Halewood, Pataki Professor of Law, Albany Law School

Traci Halky, Solo Practicioner, The Shingle, LLC

Joni Halpern, Attorney at Law, retired

Hubert Hamilton, The Hamilton Firm LLC

Gregory W Hamilton, President, North Pacific Union Conference

Vivian Hamilton, Professor of Law, William & Mary Law School

Ross Hammersley, Attorney & Partner, Olson, Bzdok & Howard, PC

Julie C Hancock, Principle Attorney, Your Virtual Advocate

Albert Handelman, Lawyer, Self-employed(of counsel to Spaulding McCullough & Tansil LLP)

Barbara Handschu, Lawyer, Self-employed

Daniel Hankes, Esquire

Matthew Hansel, Attorney, HL

Tom Harbinson, Mr, County Attorney’sOffice

Hal Harlowe

Nicholas Harned, Member, Nicholas Harned Law Firm, LLC

Hoyt Harp, Attorney

Nick Harper, Civic Engagement Director

Penny Harrington, Judge, Harrington Law Office

Andrew Harris, Attorney at Law

Drew Harris

Debbie Harrison, Attorney, National Business Group on Health

Tori Harrison, Associate

Nancy Hart, Senior Attorney, Wells, Peyton, Greenberg & Hunt LLP

Atiqua Hashem, General Counsel, ChildFund International, USA

Jarrett Haskovec, General Counsel, Arizona Education Association

David Hasper

Kelli Hastings, Owner, Law Office of Kelli B. Hastings, PLLC, Law Office of Kelli B. Hastings, PLLC

Lawrence Haun, California attorney (inactive), Retired

Jill Hauserman, Associate Attorney, Thompson, Sweeny, Kinsinger & Pereira

Ariana Hawbecker, Attorney, Bienert Miller & Katzman, PLC

Daniel Hayes

Judith Anne Hayes

Emily Haynes, Attorney, Albeit Weiker, LLP

John Hays, Attorney, Jackson Kelly, PLLC

Jillian Heaviside, Law and Policy Fellow, SisterLove, Inc.

Gerald Hebert, Attorney, J. Gerald Hebert

Tori Hedrick, Managing Attorney, Inland Counties Legal Services

Ann Hefenieder, Attorney, State of Montana

Brian Heffernan

Douglas Heidenreich, Professor emeritus, Mitchell Hamline school of law

Sean Helle, Associate Clinical Professor, University of Colorado Law School

Lara Hemingway, Member, Foster Pepper, PLLC

Lynne Henderson, Prof. (emerita), UNLV-Boyd School of Law

Matthew Henderson, J.D. Candidate

Alice Katherine, Attorney #0001667, self-employed

William Herbert, Distinuished Lecturer, Hunter College

Rosana Herrera-Ortega, President, Ortega Business Law Firm, APC

Kathy Hessler, Clinical Professor of Law, Lewis & Clark Law School

Steven J. Heyman, Professor of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Kail Hidalgo

Tasha Hill, Attorney, The Hill Law Firm

Jessie Hill, Professor of Law, Associate Dean, Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Frances Hill, Professor of Law & Dean’s Distinguished Scholar for the Profession, University of Miami School of Law

ingrid Hillinger, Professor of Law

David Himmelreich

Michael Hinchion, Attorney, Self-employed

Tracey Hinson, Attorney, Hinson Snipes, LLP

Tamar Hodges, Tamar E. Hodges, Esq., SSM Health

Lonny Hoffman, Professor, University of Houston

Geoffrey Hoffman, Director UHLC Immigration Clinic, University of Houston

Dana Hofmann, SVP Risk Management & General Counsel, Thrivent Federal Credit Union

Kyle Hofmann, Senior Counsel, iBasis, Inc.

Adam Hofmann, Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP

Nicole Hoikka, Attorney at Law, Glickman & Glickman

Vanessa Holton

Wayne Hoppe, retired

Pamella Hopper, Senior Counsel, McGuireWoods LLP

Joseph Hornack, Attorney, Healey, Block & Hornack

Andrew Horwitz, Assistant Dean for Experiential Education, Roger Williams University School of Law

Tara Hovey, Attorney, Dreyer Hovey & Post LLP

Peter Hoy, Attorney, Self-employed

Christopher Hu, Attorney, Moskovitz Appellate Team

Dixie Huefner, inactive member of Utah State Bar, retired

Carrie Huff

D’lorah Hughes, Director of Externships, University of California, Irvine School of Law

Jennifer Hultgren, Deputy Public Defender, Santa Clara County Public Defender’s Office

Kerry Hultquist, Lead Counsel, The Hultquist Law Firm

Karen Hummel, attorney, Self-Employed

Kathleen Hunt, Attorney

Aziz Huq, Professor, University of Chicago

Jeffrey Huth

Susie Hwang

Elizabeth Iglesias, Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law

Laura Irwin, Self-employed

Craig Jackson, Professor of Law, Thurgood Marshall School of Law Texas Southern University

Carolyn Jackson, Self-Employed

Yousaf Jafri, Esq.

Eric Janus, Professor of Law; Former President and Dean, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Peter Jaszi, Professor of Law Emeritus, American University Law School

Michael Jenkins, Attorney (retired)

David Jeremias, Esq, Jeremias Law Firm

Christopher Jison, Attorney

Allison Joffee, Attorney, Self-Employed

Kim Johannessen, Esq.

Celeste Johansson, Ms, Law Offices of Celeste A. Johansson

William John, Staff Attorney, The Legal Aid Society of Orange County New York

Chelsea John, Non-Profit Staff Attorney

Lisa Johnson

Ashland Johnson, Civil Rights Lawyer

Kristine Johnson, Patent Attorney, Cal Poly State University

Jill Johnson, Ms., Ryan, Roach & Ryan

Paul Johnson, Associate Director, Career Services, The John Marshall Law School

Robert Johnston, Attorney at Law

Todd Jones

Hugh Jones

David Jones, Attorney, Law Offices of David E. Jones

Gayle Jordan, attorney, self-employed

Anne Joseph

Linda Joseph, Linda A. Joseph, JD, MA, MS, NA

Bertha Josephson, Hon. (Ret.)

Greg Joy, Attorney, Self-employed

Iris Juarbe, Iris Juarbe Law Office

Diane Juliar, Clinical Professor of Law Emerita, Suffolk University Law School

Stephen Justino, Boesen Law, LLC

Jonathan Kahn, Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Lawrence Kahn

Julianne Kallas, associate attorney, Hoagland, Longo, Moran, Dunst, & Doukas, LLP

Daniel Kanstroom, Professor of Law, Boston College

Kara Kapp

Madeline Kass, Professor Emeritus

Negar Katirai, Director, Domestic Violence Law Clinic, University of Arizona College of Law

Ronald Katz, Attorney, Joel L. Katz, LLC

Eileen Kaufman, Professor of Law, Touro Law School

Joshua Kay, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School

Fiona Kaye, Staff Attorney, American Civil Liberties Union

Natalie Kean, Staff Attorney, Justice in Aging

Gregory Keating, William T. Dalessi Professor of Law and Philosophy, University of Southern California, Gould School of Law

Shari Keiser, Account Manager, Resolute Management Inc

Katie Kelley, Associate Attorney, Nancy Zalusky Berg, LLC

David Kelly, Attorney, Bens, Axelrod, PC

J Matt Kelsey, Associate, Alston & Bird LLP

Matthew Kemler

Timothy Kenison, Associate, Sonneborn Rutter Viergever Burt & Lury, PA

Matthew Kent, Regulatory Policy Associate, Public Citizen

Jerald Kessler, Attorney, Jerald A. Kessler

Irina Khanin, Non practicing attorney

Loren Kieve, Kieve Law Offices, Kieve Law Offices

Michelle Kim, Esquire, State of Maryland

Matthew King

Shani King, Professor, University of Florida Levin College of Law

Kit Kinports, Professor, Penn State Law

Adrienne Kitchen, Attorney, Reedsmith

Rhonda Klein, Principal

Ellis Klein, Attorney, Self-Employed

Joan Klosterman, Ms. M. Joan Klosterman, Retired

Alex Knopp, Visiting Clinical Lecturer, Yale Law School

Susannah Knox, Assistant Public Defender, Charleston County Public Defender

Christian Knox

Barbara Koehler, J.D., Metropolitan State University of Denver

Susan Koeppen, Adjunct Professor of Law, Seattle University School of Law

Mark Kokanovich

Marjorie Kolin, Kolin & Associates, PLC

Mehmet Konar-Steenberg, Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Judith Koons, Professor, Barry University School of Law

Nadine Koppin, Attorney at Law, Robiner, Koppin, Klein PLLC

Susan Kornfield, Adjunct Professor of Law, The University of Michigan Law School

Gerald Korngold, Professor, New York Law School

Richard Kosan, Attorney, Richard R. Kosan, P.A.

John Kowal

Marcie Kraft, Parenting Plan Peace

Tammany Kramer

Robert Kreisman, kreisman law offices

Alex Kreit, Professor, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

David Kronig, Associate, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum LLP

Margaret Krueger, Attorney at Law

Peggy Kubicz Hall

Nancy Kuhn, Director, Jackson & Campbell, P.C.

Shivank Kumar, Counsel, Lowenstein Sandler LLP

Ajay Kundaria, Former Deputy Executive Secretary, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Mae Kuykendall, Professor of Law, MSU College of Law

Richard L. Neumeier, Counsel, MorrisonMahoneyLLP

Janine Laird

Laura Lamansky, Attorney, Stafford Rosenbuam LLP

Melina LaMorticella, Attorney, Tonkon Torp

Anne Landry, Chief Counsel, Massachusetts State Senate

Eric Lane, Eric J Schmertz Distguished Prof of Law, Hofstra Law, Hofstra University

Kathryn Lang

Abigail Langweiler, Attorney at Law, State of Florida

Jeffrey Lapic, Retired

Dan LaRocque

Stephen Larrington, BMCC/CUNY

Tamara Larsen

Taylor Larson, Government Affairs Associate,

Kristie LaSalle, Associate, Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP

Macy Laster, Attorney at Law

Tamara Lave, Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law

Mary Lawhon, retired

James Lawrence, Executie Director, Blakely Advocacy Institute, University of Houston

Cleveland Lawrence III

Jeana Lawson, Attorney at law, The Office of Jeana M Lawson

Jerold Lax, Partner, Pear Sperling Eggan & Daniels PC

Herbert Lazar, AXA XL

Laurie Leader, Clinical Professor of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Joseph Leahy, Professor of Law, South Texas College of Law Houston

Carol Lee, Special Counsel, Taconic Capital Advisors

Cynthia Lee

Donna Lee, Professor of Law, CUNY School of Law

Jaime Lee, Associate Professor of Law, University of Baltimore School of Law

Jessica Lemoine, General counsel

Luis Lemus

Robin Lenhardt, Professor of Law, Fordham Law School

Tracey Leonard, Esq, Van Camp & Leonard

Arthur Leonard, Robert F. Wagner Professor of Labor & Employment Law, New York Law School

Carrie Leonetti, Professor, University of Auckland School of Law

Philip Leppla, Attorney, Leppla Associates, Ltd.

Miranda Leppla

Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership, Harvard Law School

David Leven

Jill Levi

Betsy Levin, Professor of Law, Retired

Marla Levine, General Counsel, Revolution Studios

Benjamin Levine

Lisa Levy

Peggy Li, Associate Director of Chapters, American Constitution Society

Michael Lieder, of counsel, Mehri & Skalet PLLC

Lance Lindblom, Esquire, Retired

Yvonne Lindgren, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, University of San Francisco School of Law

Emily Linehan, Associate

Robert Link

Rick Linsk, Attorney, Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP

Peter Linzer, Professor of Law, Universityof Houston Law Center

Alisa Lipski, Attorney, AZA

Tricia Lister, Self-employed

Mike Litrownik, Attorney, Outten & Golden LLP

Joan Little, Esq., Retired

Amy Lloyd, Solo practitioner, Amy Lloyd

Ryan Lockman, Attorney, Mark B. Frost & Associates

Janelle London

Kelsey Love

Katharine Loving, Associate Counsel, Municipal Government

Michele Lowenstein, Attorney

JoJeanne Lown

Christopher Lu, Senior Fellow, University of Virginia Miller Center

Marc Lucier, Marc Lucier, Esq., Sole practitioner

Sue Lunbeck, Counselor at Law

Marcee Lundeen, Member, Lundeen & Lundeen PLLC

Jonathan Lupkin, Practicing Attorney and Managing Member, Lupkin PLLC

Ryan Luther

Brian Lutness

Alex Lydon, Attorney, Legal Aid

Mary Lyons, Counsel

Colleen Maas, Attorney, Self-employed

Belinda Macauley, VP of Development & Senior Counsel, American Constitution Society

Lauren Macchia, Attorney, Retired

James MacDonald, Attorney

Sarah Mack, Principal, Tupper Mack Wells PLLC

Jessica MacKeigan, Associate, Wegman, Hessler & Vanderburg

Sarah MacMaster, Attorney

John MacMorris, Retired

Naveen Madala, Founder and Managing Attorney, Madala Law

Gregory Magarian, Professor of Law, Washington University in St. Louis

Joan Magoolaghan, Attorney, Koob & Magoolaghan

Jannat Majeed

Terry Majors, IG Specialist, Ice Miller

Gregory Malz

Molly Manning, New York Law School

Nancy Marcus, Attorney, Waters, Kraus and Paul

Rosann Mariappuram, Attorney, Legal Voice & Surge

Meredith Marine, Attorney

Regina Markey

Allison Markoski

Peter Markowitz, Professor of Law, Cardozo School of Law

Robert Marks, Retired

Jonathan Marmo, Associate, Reed Smith, LLP

Ellen Marrus, Royce Till professor of Law, University if Houston Law Center

Lois Martin, Attorney, self-employed

Andrew Mason, General Counsel, Maine Education Association

Jessica Mason, Attorney at Law, Self-employed

Tanisha Massie, Esq.

Lorelie Masters, Law Firm Partner, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP

John Mauldin, Attorney at Law

James May, Attorney and Professor of Law, Vermont Law School

Mickey McCarthy, attorney

Molenda McCarty, Lawyer, State of Montana

Michael McClain, Retired Attorney — General Counsel, Retired

Robin McClary, Esq., Attorney

Emily McCormick, Law Student

Elizabeth McCoy, Counsel, Hill Betts & Nash LLP

Ryan McCoy, Attorney

Patricia McCoy, Professor of Law, Boston College Law School

Edwin McCullough, Attorney, Law Office of Edwin R. McCullough

Andrew McDevitt, Attorney, Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger

Andrea McDiarmid, Attorney-At-Law, Self-employed

Katherine McDowell, Partner, McDowell Rackner Gibson PC

Aditya McDuffy, Attorney

Lawrence McElroen

Cathy McEnearney, Retired

Garrick McFadden, Partner, Gamesq, PLC

WIlliam McGeveran, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Law, and Solly Robins Distinguished Research Scholar, University of Minnesota Law School

James McGinnis, Attorney at Law Michigan McGinnis, Attorney at Law Michigan, James McGinnis, Attorney at Law Michigan

Miranda McGowan, Professor of Law, University of San Diego

Trey McGrew-Bryant, Associate Attorney

Diane Mchugh Martinez, Attorney, Law office of Mchugh Martinez

Gerald McIntyre, Special Counsel

Elizabeth McKanna, Retired, Retired

Cory McLaughlin

David McLaughlin, 901Attorneys, LLC

Michael McLaughlin, Attorney at Law, The Law Office of Michael Joseph McLaughlin, Jr.

Carol McMahon, Director, Office of Compliance, Emory University

Frances Meehan, Senior Attorney, Much Shelist

James Meguerian

Carol Meltzer, General Counsel, A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.

Juan E. Mendez, Professor of Human Rights Law in Residencde, Washington College of Law – American University

Charles Menzies, Attorney, The Menzies Company

Carolyn Merritt, Self-employed

Dawn Mertineit, Attorney

Vanessa Merton, Professor of Law, Director of Immigration Justice Clinic, John Jay Legal Services, Inc., Pace University

Gail Messmer, Attorney at Law (Inactive), Retired

Luz Metz, Partner, Metz Law Group PLLC

Philip Metzger, Retired

Michael Meuti, Partner & Appellate Practice Chair, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff

Marc Meyer, Managing Member, Law Office of Marc Meyer

Paul Meyer, Attorney at Law and Professor of Justice Studies, Kent State University, Meyer Law Office and Kent State University

Lisa Meyer, Esq.,

Emiko Meyers, Attorney, Meyers & Meyers LLC

Finn Meyers

Sylvia Miller, Attorney, Sylvia A Miller, Attorney at Law, PLLC

Binny Miller, Professor of Law, American University

Mark Miller, Professor, Clark University

Alan Minuskin, Clinical Professor, Boston College Law School

Douglas Mirell, Attorney, Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP

Steven Mirsky

Ali Mitchell

Margaret Mo, Vice President, Associate Counsel, Cohen and Steers

Gazal Modhera, Attorney

Dani Mohling

William Mohrman, Retired

Natasha Moiseyev, Attorney, Tulare County superior court

David Mollicone, Member, Dawda Mann Mulcahy & Sadler PLC

Christine Monahan, Associate, Mehri & Skalet

Mary Mone, Retired

Megan Moniz, Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Hawaii

Elizabeth Monkus, Staff Attorney & Program Manager, Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice

Geraldine Szott Moohr, Professor of Law Emerita, University of Houston Law Center

Andrea Mooney, Clinical Professor, Cornell Law School

Lisa Moore, Attorney, The Moore Firm

Patricia Moore, Assistant Public Defender, Public Defender Office of Cambria County, PA

Christine Moore

Kelly Moore, Research Attorney, Moore Legal Resources, PLLC

Jennifer Moore, Professor of Law, University of New Mexico School of Law

Jo Anne Morales, Esquire, Goldman, Magdalin &Krikes

Patricia Moreno, Esq., Retired

Perry Moriearty, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Law School

Douglas Morrison, Attorney at Law, Morrison & Mix

Jenna Morrison, Attorney, Self-employed

Kara Mort, Dr. Kara Mort, J.D., Ph.D, retired, Retired

Maureen Mosh, Retired Assistant General Counsel

Jacqueline Moss, Irwin & Morris

Samantha Mucha

Keil Mueller

Bonnie Muir, Bonnie E. Muir, Esq., Retired

Elora Mukherjee, Jerome L. Greene Clinical Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Lindsay Mumley, Public defender, PD

Ann Murphy, Professor, Gonzaga University School of Law

Michael Murphy, Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Gerald Murray, Self-employed

Karen Murtagh

Zachary Mushkatel, Managing partner, Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker

Michael Mushlin, Professor of Law, Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University

Rosalind Myers, Attorney

Annie Myers, Employment Attorney for federal government, US DHS

Blain Myhre

Sarah Myhrom Eisenman, Registered Patent Attorney

Kevin Myles, Multnomah County Library

John Nader, General Counsel, Data Society

Deborah Nall, Assistant Appellate Defender, Illinois Office of the State Appellate Defender

Marie Nardino

Eric Nass, Attorney at Law, Marder, Eskesen & Nass

Malvina Nathanson

Nancy Neff, Nancy L Neff, Retired paralegal.

Alan Neff, Self-employed

Ronald Nelson, Attorney, Self-employed

Miriam Nemeth, Attorney

Burt Neuborne, Norman Dorsen Professor of Civil Liberties – NYU Law School, New York University School of Law

Jessica Neufeld

David Neville, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery

Jeff Newberry

Stephen Newman, Professor of Law Emeritus, New York Law School

Lawrence G. Newman, Newman Law Firm, Newman Law Firm

Marie Newman, Law Library Director and Professor of Law, Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University

Hoang Ngo, Attorney

Gene Nichol, Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor, UNC-CH, University of Nrth Carolina

Cheryl Nichols, Associate Professor, Howard University School of Law

Len Niehoff, Professor, University of Michigan Law School

Mark Niles, Professor, Washington College of Law

Glenda Noble, retired, retired from SFM Companies

Brian Noethlich, Attorney, Scott Elliot Smith LPA

Maurice O’Brien, Esquire, Rosenberg & Associates

Marguerite O’Connell, J.D., LL.M., Self-employed

Roderick O’Connor, Deputy Public Defender (Retired), County of Santa Clara

Alice O’Brien

Katherine O’Connor, Counsel, Demand Justice

Mandi Odier, Retired Attorney

Kathleen O’Donnell, Attorney, Self-employed

Daniel O’Donnell, New York State Assembly Member, NY Assembly

Nnamdi Okoli

Michael Olinik, Attorney, The Law Office of Michael G. Olinik

Michael A. Olivas, William B. Bates Distinguished Chair in Law, University of Houston Law Center

Samuel Olken, Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School in Chicago

Harriett Oppenheim, Attorney

Aviva Orenstein, Professor of Law and Dean of Students and Academic Affairs, Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Christopher Orr, Attorney, Lavin Law Group

Sarah Orr, Clinical Professor, University of Wisconsin Law School

Matthew Orren

James Ortmann, Associate Counsel

Kara Ottervanger, Assistant CCRC, CCRC-M

Larry Ottinger, Chair, Ottinger Foundation, Nonprofit Consultant – Self-Employed

Michelle Owen, Attorney, Illinois

Barry Owen

Betsy Pain, Retired attorney

Richard Painter, Professor, University of Minnesota Law School, University of Minnesota

Ronald Pakenski, Attorney, Axiom Global

John Palenski

Vera Pardee, Lawyer

Kristin Parendo, Attorney at Law

Sean Park, Attorney, The Park Law Firm

Rosalyn Park, Director

Chai Park, Appellate Attorney, The Children’s Law Center

Nicholas Parr, Staff Attorney

James Parris, Attorney at Law, Parris & Papa, P.A.

Meghan Paulas, Director of Chapters, American Constitution Society

Travis Payne, Attorney at Law, Edelstein and Payne, Attorneys

Janine Pearce, Esquire, JP Media Law

Lise Pearlman, Self-Employed

Claudette Pelletier, Law Office of Claudette Pelletier, Law Office of Claudette Pelletier

Debra Perlin, Director of Policy and Program, American Constitution Society

Michael Peroff, Attorney, Peroff Saunders, P.C.

Michael Perry, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law, Emory University School of Law

Jack Petsche, LPA, Self-employed

Alexi Pfeffer-Gillett, Attorney, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP

Hollis Pfitsch

Katherine Pfost, Katherine Pfost, esq., Unaffiliated

Natasha Phelps, Attorney, Non-Profit Law Entity

Sharon Phillips, Self-employed

Matthew Piers

Nandini Pillai

Thomas Pitaro, Attorney, Self-employed

Ellen Pitcher, Attorney at Law, Sole practitioner

Peter Pitegoff, Professor, University of Maine School of Law

Zygmunt Plater, Professor of Law, Boston College

Veronica Platt Longstreth, Attorney at Law, Self-employed

Dino Pollock, Attorney at Law

Rebecca Pontikes, Founding Partner, Pontikes Law LLC (self)

Steven Popofsky, Attorney, Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen

Ken Port, Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Cindy Porter, Self-employed

Mark Posner, Attorney, Retired

Sonja Pospisil, Attorney

Richard Potter, Attorney, Galantucci & Patuto, Esqs., LLC

Elizabeth Powell, Attorney, Elizabeth Powell PS

Amanda Powell, Consultant, Self-employed

Eleanor Powers, Attorney

Alanna Pozzi, Self-employed

Ora Prochovnick, Professor, Director of Clinical and Public Interest Law Programs, John F. Kennedy College of Law

Leslie Proll, Attorney, Self-Employed

Dorothy Proudfoot, Administrative Law Judge

Jacek Pruski, Managing Director & General Counsel, We The Action

Viridiana Pulido, Supervising Attorney, Texas Advocacy Project

Christopher Punongbayan

Edward Purcell, Joseph Solomon Distinguished Professor, New York Law School, New York Law School

Susan Pyne

William T. Quick, Attorney at Law, Quick Law Firm, LLC

Katrina Quicker

Barbara Quindel, Shareholder Hawks Quindel, Hawks Quindel

Sean Quinlan, Attorney, Self-employed

Christine Quinn, Assistant District Attorney, State of Wisconsin

Joseph Quinn, Of Counsel, CT State Senate Democrats, State of CT, OLM, Senate Democrats

Omer Quiroz, Attorney, Quiroz Lae Firm APC

Barry Racusin, Sr. Partner, Racusin & Wagner LLP

Kirk Rafdal, Project Attorney/Projektanwalt, King & Spalding, LLP

Gowri Ramachandran, Professor of Law, Southwestern Law School

Drucilla Ramey, Dean Emerita, Golden Gate University School of Law

LisaNadine Ramos, National Counsel, N.T.E.U.

Gregory Ramos, Attorney, North, Pursell & Ramos PLC

Marilyn Ramos, Self-employed

Allan Ramsaur

Heidi Rand, Attorney, Self-employed

Sara Rankin, Associate Professor of Law, Seattle University School of Law

Kumar Rao, Senior Staff Attorney, Center for Popular Democracy

Raegen Rasnic, Attorney, Skellenger Bender

Virginia Raymond, JD, PhD, Legal Director, Austin Region Justice for Our Neighbors, Austin Region Justice for Our Neighbors

William Reddin, Attorney

James Redwood, Professor of Law, Albany Law School

Ann Reed

Bradley Reich

Laura Reichel

Terry CJ Reilly, attorney at law

Lauren Reisner, Esquire

Keramet Reiter, Associate Professor, U.C. Irvine

Ashley Rentz, Attorney at law

Lenora Reyes-Petroff

Owen Rice

Barbara Richards, Retired

George B. Richardson, Law & Mediation Office of George B. Richardson, Law & Mediation Office of George B. Richardson

Ronald Ricklefs, Self-Employed

Amanda Riddle, Partner, Corey, Luzaich, de Ghetaldi & Riddle LLP

Sandra Rierson, Associate Professor, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Lisa Rigoli, Lisa M. Rigoli, Esquire, Self-employed

Anthony Risucci

Robert Ritter

Shirley Rivadeneira

Ira Robbins, Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law

Kalyani Robbins, Professor of Law, Florida International University

Marietta Robinson, The Honorable, Self-Employed

Reginald Robinson, Professor of Law, Howard University School of Law

Lisa Robinson

Thomas Rockett, Owner, Self-employed

Stephen Rohde, Civil Rights Lawyer, Law Offices of Stephen F. Rohde

Natalie Roisman

Alan Jay Rom, Attorney, Rom Law P.C.

Sara Roque, Associate Attorney

Aníbal Rosario Lebrón, Assistant Lawyering Professor, Howard University School of Law

Henry Rose, Professor of Law, Loyola University Chicago

John Rose

Amanda Rose, Attorney, The Rose Law Office

Stephen Rosenbaum, Lecturer, University of California, School of Law

Joseph Rosenberg, Professor, CUNY School of Law

Lawrence Rosenzweig, Mr, Lawrence Rosenzweig. PC

Josephine Ross, Professor of Law, Howard University School of Law

Alan Rothenberg, Chairman, 1st Century Bank, N.A.

Stephen Rothman, President, Rothman and Company, P.A.

Melissa Rothstein, Dir. Policy and Development, MD Office of the Public Defender

Laura Rovner, Professor of Law & Director, Civil Rights Clinic, University of Denver College of Law

Neil Rowe

Ann Rowland, Retired Assistant US Attorney

George Rowlett, lawyer, Howell & Fisher, PLLC

Denise Roy, Professor, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Anita Royal, Attorney at Law, Self-employed; NITA

Howard Rubin, Professor Emeritus

Kristin Ruby, Attorney

Stephen Ruckman

David Rudenstine, Professor of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University

David Rudstein, Professor of Law Emeritus, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Matthew Russell, Attorney, Barclays PLC

Michael Russo, Professor, Seattle University School of Law

Sarah Ryan, Solicitor

David Sacks, Attorney, Law Office of David Sacks

Elizabeth Sadowski, Attorney at Law, Self-employed

Sonthonax SaintGermain

Jason Sally

Leslie Salzman, Clinical Professor of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Vincent Samar, Professor, Loyola University Chicago

Roya Samarghandi, Owner/Attorney, Carmel Law, LLC

Marla Samora, Associate, Law Firm

Judith Sandalow

Steve Sanders, Associate Professor of Law, Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Julie Sandine,

Roselyn Sands, Partner, EY

Michael Sands, Attorney, Retired

Israel Sands, Lawyer, Israel Sands Law PA

Shelley Sandusky

Henry Sandweiss, Attorney at Law, Henry N. Sandweiss, PLLC

John Sansone

Eli Savit, Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School

Ray Sawyer, Self-employed

Melissa Scanlan, Professor of Law, Vermont Law School

Karen Scarr, Associate General Counsel, The Gap, Inc.

Barbara Schatz, Clinical Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Phyllis Schauffler, Esq., Shapiro Law Office, PA.

Bill Scheffer

Nancy Scherer

Shira Scheindlin, Former U.S. District Judge and Of Counsel, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Paul Scheuerlein, Partner, Gaido & Fintzen

Kendra Scheuerlein, Attorney, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd.

Martin Schewartz, Professor

Robert F Schiff

Linda Schmidt, Special Counsel, Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.

Elizabeth Schneider, Rose L. Hoffer Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School

Neil Schneider

Richard Schneyer, Partner, Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP

Henry Schober, Henry W. Schober, Esq., Self-employed

Rich Schoenberger, Walkup Law Office

Dara Schottenfeld, Ms., David. J. Schottenfeld, P.A.

Tera Schreiber, J.D.

Jack Schultz, Jack M Schultz, P.C.

David Schuman, Professor of Practice, University of Oregon Law School

Ellen Schwartz, Ellen Schwartz, Retired

Beth Schwartz, Clinical Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law

Herman Schwartz, Professor

Sharon Schwartz

Robert Schwartz, Partner, Constantine Cannon LLP

Christopher Seaman, Associate Professor of Law, Washington and Lee University

Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, Emerita Professor of Law, University if New Mexico

Benjamin Seel, Legal Analyst, Democracy Forward Foundation

Joseph Seiler, Director, Legal and Business Affairs, EMPIRE

Bryan Sells, Attorney at Law, The Law Office of Bryan L. Sells LLC

Elisabeth Semel, Clinical Professor of Law, UC, Berkeley, School of Law

Steven Semeraro, Professor, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Rachel Settlage, Associate Professor, Wayne State Law School

Mark Sexton, Retired

Jeffrey Shafto, Member, Lake Office of Jeffrey Shafto

Yaelle Shaham, Attorney

Jeffrey Shaman, Vincent de Paul Professor of Law Emeritus

Juneitha Shambee, Attorney, Shambee Law Office, Ltd.

Peter Shane, Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair in Law, Ohio State University

Maria Shanle, Managing Counsel

Victoria Shapiro, Attorney, State of California

Judith Shapiro, Lawyer, Self-employed

Brian Sharkin, Attorney – Solo Practitioner, Self-employed

Conor Shaw, Counsel, CREW

Terrika Shaw, Attorney

Cary Shepherd, Policy Director, Illinois Environmental Council

Joanna Sheridan, Partner, Rappaport & Sheridan, Self-employed

Charles Sherman, retired

Michael Sherman

Richard Sherwin, Wallace Stevens Professor of Law, New York Law School

Palak Sheth, Managing Director or Affirm. Lit. Task Force, SF City Attorney’s Office

Nikhil Shimpi, Field Attorney, National Labor Relations Board

Darcy Shoop, Attorney, Solo Practitioner

Eric Shore, Dr., Shore Legal Group, LLC

Patrick Shoulders

Scott Shuchart

Eileen J. Shuman, Partner, Shuman & Shuman PC

John Shutkin, General Counsel, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Lisa Siegel, Attorney

Neil S. Siegel, David W. Ichel Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science, Duke University School of Law

Kate Sigafoos, Attorney

Rafael Silva, Rafael Silva, JD, self-employed

Michael Silverman

Donald Simon

Ortavia Simon, Attorney, Simon Law Group, P.A.

N H Simpson, Attorney, The Simpson Law Firm PC

Gary Simson, Macon Chair in Law, Mercer University School of Law

Jana Singer, Jacob A. France Professor of Law, Emeritus, University of Maryland Carey School of Law

Simran Singh, Attorney

Kimberly Sipes-Early, Attorney

Eric Sirota, Michigan Law School

Brian Sites, Associate Professor

Harriet Slive, Esq., Slivelaw, LLC

Susan Sloane, Attorney, SKSMediation

Shelby Smith

David Smith, Attorney, Los Angeles County

Abbe Smith, Professor of Law, Georgetown University

Walton Smith

Alfonso Smith, Esq.,

William Snape III, American University, Washington College of Law and Center for Biological Diversity

Regina Sneed

Ryan Snow

Janet Sobel, Esq., Self-employed

Andrew Sole, Managing Member, Esopus Creek Management

Gemma Solimene, Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law

Cheri Sparacino, Esquire, AOPC of PA

Mai Linh Spencer, Associate Clinical Professor, UC Hastings College of the Law

Ronald Spinner, Attorney, Miller Canfield

Joanne Stanley

Rachel Stanton, Attorney

Teresa Statler, Attorney at Law, Law Office of Teresa A Statler

Jason Steed

Karen Steele, Karen A Steele, Esq.

Mike Steenson, Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Susan Steinman, Attorney, Law Office of Susan G. Steinman

Joan Steinman, Professor of Law Emerita

Rena Steinzor, Professor, University of Maryland Carey Law School

Jessica Stender, Senior Counsel, Equal Rights Advocates

Susan Stenger, Partner, Burns & Levinson LLP

Owen Stephens, Walkup Melodia Kelly and Schoenberger

Lewis Sternfels, Self-Employed

Lee Stetson, Assistant General Counsel,

George Stevens

Justin Stevenson, Partner, Bower Stevenson LLC

Patrick Stickney

James Stocks, Attorney, Lannom & Williams, PLLC

Sarah Stoeckel, Manager of Diversity & Inclusion, O’Melveny & Myers LLP

Henry Stone

David Stonehill, President, David H. Stonehill, P.C.

Seth Stoughton, Associate Professor of Law, University of South Carolina School of Law

Elizabeth Stout, Executive Director, Maine Community Law Center

Kelly Strader, Professor of Law, Southwestern Law School

Mary Lou Strange

Jonathan Strauhull, Assistant County Attorney, Multnomah County

Leonard Strickman, Founding Dean Emeritus, Florida International University College of Law, Retired

Lochlan Stuart

Mark Stump

Ariel Sullivan, Attorney, Bowditch & Dewey

Christopher Sullivan Richardson, Americans For Progressive Action USA

Tressa Surratt

Veronica Sustic

Mark Sutherland, Attorney at Law, Self-employed

Ryan Suto, Government Relations Manager, Arab American Institute

Patrick Suyak

Jacqueline Swigler, Attorney

John Swomley, Senior Partner, Swomley & Tennen,LLP

James Szaller, Attorney, Brown and Szaller

Patrick Szymanski, General Counsel, Change to Win, Change to Win

Mehran Tahoori, Attorney, Rose Law APC

Edward Takashima

Alen Takhsh, Principal Attorney, Takhsh Law, P.C.

Roger Tansey, Attorney at Law

Janice Taylor, Attorney, New York, NY

Kim Taylor-Thompson, Professor of Clinical Law, New York University School of Law

Kevin Techau, Former United States Attorney Northern District of Iowa

Ben Templin, Professor, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Irene Ten Cate, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Houston Law Center

Jonathan Tepe, Lawyer

Kimberly Teraberry, Volunteer, Retired

Rebecca Thai, Attorney, Rebecca Thai Esq. & Co. LLC

Elizabeth Theran, Assistant General Counsel, EEOC

Rebecca Thiem, Attorney

Michelle Thomas, Self-employed

Claire R Thomas, Director, Asylum Clinic; Adjunct Professor of Law, New York Law School

Alice Thomas, Associate Professor, Howard University School of Law

Chris Thompson, Attorney

Robin Thorner, Executive Director, Office of Career Strategy, St. Mary’s University School of Law

Victor Thuronyi

Damon Thurston, Attorney

Susan Tiefenbrun

Randall Tigue

Asher Tilchin

Bryndis Tobin

Robert Tollen, Attorney (retired)

Howard Tolley

Erin Tomine

Jill Tomlinson, Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend

Kelly Tompkins, Leader in Residence,

Barbara Treash-Osio, Attorney

Anastassios (Tasso) Triantaphyllis, Self-employed

Laurence Tribe, Carl M. Loeb University Professor and Professor of Constitutional Law, Harvard University, Harvard University

Edmund Troya, Attorney, Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP

Lynn Trudell, Esq., Self-employed

Jennifer Tschirch

Deborah Tuchman

Deborah Tuerkheimer, Class of 1940 Research Professor of Law, Northwestern University

Judy Turetsky, Attorney

Megan Turkat-Schirn, Attorney at Law (CSB #169044), self-employed

Jennifer Turner, Attorney

Linda Tvrdy

Marilyn Tyler, Research Fellow, Long Term Care Community Coalition

David Tynan, Litigation Associate, UnitedLex

Thomas Urban, Partner/Owner, Urban & Falk, PLLC

Elizabeth Valentine, Attorney, Jackson and MacNichol

Claudia Valenzuela, Heartland Alliance

Hermine Valizadeh, Partner, Ladas & Parry LLP

Marc Van Der Hout, Partner, Van Der Hout, Brigagliano & Nightingale

Maureen Van Neste, Assistant Professor of the Practice, Boston College Law School

Steven Varnis, Attorney at Law, Self-Employed

Monica Vashaw

Matthew Vasquez, Attorney and Counselor at Law,

Jo Verneuille, Self-employed

Liza Vertinsky, Associate Professor, Emory Law School

Cora Vestal

Kristina Vetter, Esq.

Howard Vickery, Partner, Boies Schiller Flexner LLP

Joseph Vining, Hutchins Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Michigan Law School, University of Michigan Law School

Kristi Vitelli, Attorney, Vitelli Law LLC

Abby Volin, Attorney

Shanon Vollmer

Scott Wachholder

Ian Wagreich, Partner, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick Dym, Ltd.

Denise Walker, Attorney Advisor, Government

Jeffrey Walker, Attorney, Self-employed

Peter Wall, Deputy County Counsel, County of Fresno

Mark Wallach, Partner, Walter Haverfield LPA

Joan Wallis, President, South Florida Business Lawyers, P. A.

Hildegund Wanders, Attorney, Law Office of Hildegund P. Wanders, P.A.

Laura Ward, Attorney

Richard Warren, Principal, Self-Employed

Daniel Warshawsky, Professor of Law, New York Law School

Joanna Wasik, Attorney, Mehri & Skalet PLLC

Julie Waterstone, Clinical Professor of Law, Southwestern Law School

David Webbert, Civil Rights Lawyer, Johnson, Webbert & Young, LLP

Rose Weber, civil rights attorney, self-employed

Judith Wegner, Professor Emerita, University of North Carolina, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (retired)

Doron Weinberg, Attorney, Self-employed

Ernest Weiner, Retired

Laurie Weinstein, Esquire, Retired Department of Justice

Lizabeth Weis, Attorney, Self-Employed

Alan Jay Weisbard, Professor Emeritus of Law, University of Wisconsin

Hillary Weisman, General Counsel, New York City

Anne Weismann, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

Deborah Weissman, Reef C. Ivey Distinguished Professor of Law, UNC School of Law

Catharine Wells, Professor of Law, Boston College

Diane Welsh, Partner, Pines Bach, LLP

Carwina Weng, Clinical Professor

Keith Werhan, Ashton Phelps Chair in Constitutional Law, Tulane University School of Law

Janet Werkman, attorney, retired

Mary Lynne Werlwas, Director, Prisoners’ Rights Project, Legal Aid Society

Meijken Westenskow, Professor

James Whalen, Self-employed

John Whitty, Staff Atty., Government Accountability Project

Elisabeth Wickeri, Executive Director, Leitner Center at Fordham Law School

Ellen Widess, Attorney, Self-Employed

Erin Wiggins, General Counsel, TS Tech Americas, Inc.

Michael Wild, JD, Self-Employed LLC

Bryan Wildenthal, Professor Emeritus, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Jayla Wilkerson, Assistant District Attorney, Dallas County

Sara Wilkinson

Preston Williams, Preston Williams, Vantage Place

Leroy Williams, Professor, City Univ. Of New York

Lyneille Williams

Christine Willie, Attorney, Law Office of Christine M Sampson PLLC

Wendy Willis

Vicki Wilmarth, Partner, Wright Wilmarth Byrd, PLLC

Scott Wilson, Attorney, The Himes & Wilson Law Firm

Grant Wilson, Attorney, City of Tuscaloosa

Cindy Wilson, Clinical Professor, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Dawn Winalski, Lawyer

Daniel Wise, publisher, WiseLawNY,

William Wisely, Attorney, Self-employed

Mark Wojcik, Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School

Carl Wolf, Attorney, Self-employed

William Wolfe, Self-employed

Dan Wood, Self-employed

Sheryl Wragg

Lauris Wren, Clinical Professor of Law at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University, Hofstra University

Susan Wright, Retired

Tom Wright

Michelle Yang, Lawyer

Ekow Yankah, Professor of Law, Cardozo Law School

Alicia Yass, Legal Counsel

Michael Yesley, retired

Ashley Young, Supervising Attorney, Children’s Law Center

Richard Young, counsel, Sidley Austin LLP

Francey Youngberg, VP for External Affairs, Melwood

David Youngblood, The Madison Group

Michael Younker, Senior Staff Attorney, human rights lawyer, and concerned citizen, Immigration Humanitarian Organization

Elisheva Yun, Senior Corporate Counsel

Mo Zaheerudin

Rosalyn Zakheim

Julie Zebrak

Kevin Zickterman, Assistant Corporation Counsel, City of Chicago Law Department

Rebecca Zietlow, Professor, University of Toledo College of Law

Toby Zimbalist, Lawyer, Solo Practitioner, Self-employed

Judith Ziss, retired