November 12, 2020

Ways to Stay Engaged While You Stay Home: November 12 Edition

Kennedy Freeman Network Advancement Associate

Man working from home, smiling at his computer and using headset

During these unprecedented times, ACS continues to provide a virtual forum for our network to engage and work toward a Constitution that is truly “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Here are some ways to help you stay engaged while in-person events are canceled. Do you have ideas we should include in future editions? Let us know by emailing

Volunteer to help with the Georgia Runoff Election

Our democracy depends on all eligible citizens having a meaningful opportunity to vote. We will need your help to ensure that our elections continue to be fair and accessible in Georgia, which will have runoff elections in January. If you are interested in nonpartisan volunteer opportunities, please complete the form here. We will continue to update the need as we hear more.

Stop Online Voting Disinformation

Our coalition partner, Common Cause, needs help more than ever to stop disinformation surrounding the Election. Despite the networks finally calling the race, Common Cause has noticed more disinformation online in the last few days than at any other time this cycle. If you are interested in monitoring social media, please sign-up here. You can also directly report disinformation you see on social media to the coalition team here. How we address disinformation now could have a long-term impact on the next four years.