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An anti-choice law has passed in Texas designed to fly in the face of Roe v. Wade, while a Supreme Court captured by conservatives and stocked with ideological extremists looked the other way. Reproductive rights have never been more in peril than they are right now. The Court is taking up other cases that could deal an even bigger blow to reproductive freedom in states across the country.

Our civil rights are under attack, and that attack is coming from the same courts that are supposed to uphold these rights. The right to vote is being threatened in states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Arizona, and it’s going to take all of us to stop it because the courts are upholding efforts to subvert democracy. Our voices must be heard.

We need everyone who believes in fighting for progress to stand together. The American Constitution Society (ACS) is hard at work reforming not just our laws, but the legal system itself, to ensure that our country delivers on the promise of equal justice for all.

Together, we can protect democracy, advance truth and justice, and transform our laws and legal systems to protect the lives of all people — not just the special interests of a few. At ACS we are building for the long term, developing a progressive pipeline to further the careers of qualified and diverse candidates for future openings.

We must stay engaged. We must not become apathetic. We cannot rest. Will you stand with ACS today and join in this critical fight by making a contribution?

P.S. We’re organizing a key strategy call, where Russ Feingold will discuss in depth ACS’ plan for taking on the far right and restoring our democracy and our rule of law. With your contribution of $100 or more, you will be invited to attend. Please make your donation by Dec. 31st to secure your place!