Constitution Day 2017 Events

See list of Constitution Day 2017 events below
9/7/2017 Georgia Lawyer Chapter: U.S. Supreme Court Term Review
9/7/2017 The Great Debate! How to Interpret the Constitution
9/11/2017 For what it's worth or why I left the bench
9/11/2017 The Impact of Recent DACA Policy Changes
9/11/2017 America's Protection of Hate: The First Amendment's Role in Charlottesville
9/12/2017 Dallas-Ft. Worth Lawyer Chapter: Litigating Online Speech: A First Amendment Perspective
9/12/2017 Equality, White Supremacy and Confederate Symbols
9/13/2017 What Brexit might mean for America
9/13/2017 ACS Madison Lawyer Chapter: The University’s Role in Protecting, Encouraging, and Defining Speech (Madison)
9/13/2017 A Conversation on "The Color of Law" with Richard Rothstein
9/13/2017 ACS Knoxville Lawyer Chapter: (9/13) Immigration Nuts and Bolts
9/13/2017 What is Holistic Advocacy? Presentation by Arch City Defenders
9/13/2017 Supreme Court Preview
9/13/2017 Transgender Military Ban Panel
9/13/2017 Reception for Linda Greenhouse
9/13/2017 Speaker Anthony Kreis
9/14/2017 National Constitution Day Tabling
9/14/2017 Free Speech on College Campuses
9/14/2017 ACS General Interest Meeting and Student-led Discussion on First Amendment Issues
9/14/2017 State Constitutions: Reception and Presentation with Justice David Wiggins
9/14/2017 Reception with Dean Erwin Chemerinsky
9/14/2017 Free Speech Under Siege: The Importance of Freedom of the Press in a Free Society
9/14/2017 Constitution Day Event
9/14/2017 Law: Politics by Another Name
9/14/2017 When Courts Call Out Political Actors
9/14/2017 DACA Repeal: What Happens Next
9/14/2017 Supreme Court 2017 Term Preview
9/14/2017 BU Law Teach-in for the DACA Rescission: Understand and Engage
9/14/2017 Presidential Powers and the Trump Administration
9/15-19/17 Washington, D.C. Lawyer Chapter: Constitution in the Classroom
9/15/2017 Rise of the Automations
9/15/2017 Constitution Day Event
9/15/2017 “Singing of a New American”: Pauli Murray’s Legacy and Justice in the 21st Century
9/15/2017 Constitutional Law in the Time of Trump
9/15/2017 Constitution Day with Andy Pincus
9/15/2017 Constitution in the Classroom
9/15/2017 ​Beyond Rights: Disability Justice in Legal Advocacy
9/16/2017 ACS Orientation Hamilton Grange Tour
9/16/2017 Constitution Day: “Perspectives on Charlottesville”
9/18/2017 Travel Ban Lunch
9/18/2017 ACS Dallas-Ft. Worth Lawyer Chapter: Constitution in the Classroom
9/18/2017 Constitution Day - Supreme Court Review Panel
9/18/2017 Constitution Day Event: The Constitution and the Trump Presidency
9/18/2017 Celebrating Constitution Day
9/18/2017 Constitution Day - Transgender Equality and the Constitutional Right to Dignity
9/18/2017 Constitution Day
9/18/2017 ACS Chicago: A Constitution Day Conversation with Dean Erwin Chemerinsky
9/18/2017 Freedom of the Press: Constitutionally Enshrined Guardians of Democracy
9/18/2017 Constitution Day: Cupcakes and the Constitution
9/18/2017 Constitution Day Membership Drive
9/18/2017 Student and Practitioner Perspectives on the Detention of Asylum Seekers in Dilley, Texas
9/18/2017 Letter Writing
9/18/2017 ACS/ Fed Soc Lunch - Constitution Day
9/18/2017 Creighton SCOTUS Term Review
9/18/2017 Constitution Day
9/18/2017 Illinois Constitution Day
9/18/2017 Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Lillehaug presents: "Defending our Constitutions and the Rule of Law"
9/18/2017 Constitution Day Celebration
9/18/2017 Constitution Day: The Positive 13th Amendment
9/18/2017 ACS Constitution Day Celebration & First General Body Meeting
9/18/2017 Constitution Day 2017: Both Sides Now – Judges Reflect on the Constitution
9/18/2017 ACS Tabling for Constitution Day
9/18/2017 Coffee and Constitutions
9/18/2017 Are We in a Constitutional Crisis?
9/18/2017 The First Amendment and the War on Terror at the Dawn of the Trump Administration.
9/18/2017 Constitution Day Program: 'The Public Defender Crisis'
9/18/2017 UNT ACS Constitution Day Celebration
9/18/2017 Celebrating Constitution Day
9/18/2017 The Politicization of the Judiciary and the Appointments Process: A Comparative Perspective
9/18/2017 The Future of DACA: Campus Discussion
9/18/2017 Annual ACS Constitution Day/ Supreme Court Review
9/18/2017 Constitution Day
9/19/2017 What's Next for DACA
9/19/2017 LGBTQ Protections in the Workplace with Professor Anthony Kreis
9/19/2017 The Final Decision? Gerrymandering in America
9/19/2017 Constitution Day
9/19/2017 Constitution Day Celebration, Discussion, & Happy Hour!
9/19/2017 Constitution Day Supreme Court Review/Preview
9/19/2017 BU Law Teach-in for the DACA Rescission: Understand and Engage
9/20/2017 Constitution and Pizza
9/20/2017 Constitution Day Celebration--Bagel Breakfast for Members
9/20/2017 Trinity Lutheran: The Supreme Court's Latest Interpretation of the Establishment Clause
9/20/2017 Past, Present, and Future of DACA
9/20/2017 Voting Registration and Gerrymandering Discussion with the League of Women Voters
9/20/2017 Conversation and Q&A with Simon Tam, Founder of The Slants and Respondent in SCOTUS case Matal v. Tam
9/20/2017 Neil Eggleston at UVA
9/20/2017 Supreme Court Preview
9/20/2017 Talking Across the Color Line: A Conversation with Professor Randall Kennedy
9/21/2017 Diversity Clerkship Panel Discussion: How to be a Clerk
9/21/2017 Summer Legal and Political Update with USC Law Professors
9/21/2017 Attacking Systematic Race and economic injustices in housing
9/21/2017 Introduction to the American Constitution Society at UHLC
9/21/2017 Exposing Civil Forfeiture Abuse
9/21/2017 The Constitutionality of Hate: Should Hate Speech Be Afforded Constitutional Protection?
9/21/2017 ACS Tabling for Constitution Day
9/21/2017 Constitution Day: Constitution in the Classroom
9/22/2017 Gerrymandering on steroids: How technocratic redistricting threatens democracy as we know it, and how the courts may finally step in
9/22/2017 Clerking Demystified: A Candid Breakfast Discussion
9/22/2017; 9/27/17 DACA Renewal Clinic
9/22/2017 Spread The Vote Pro Bono Workshop/Orientation with Kat Calvin
9/23/2017 ACS Western New York Lawyer Chapter: Voter Registration Barbecue
9/25/2017 ACS Bay Area Lawyer Chapter: Constitution in the Classroom (9/25 Training Session)
9/25/2017 Constitution Day Event: Fourth Amendment Privacy Protection in the Digital Age?
9/25/2017 A Conversation with Barbara Byrum
9/26/2017 Coffee and Constitution: Gill v. Whitford and the Future of Gerrymandering
9/27/2017 A Conversation on DACA with Attorney General Becerra
9/27/2017 Supreme Court Term Preview
9/27/2017 ACS San Diego Lawyer Chapter: (9/27) Environmental Law Under the Trump Administration
9/27/2017 SCOTUS Review
9/27/2017 Constitution in the Classroom (9/27 Training Session)
9/28/2017 Constitutional Law Syllabi in the Trump Era
9/29/2017 DACA Rescission, Travel Ban, Sanctuary Cities, and Other Hot Topics in Immigration Law