ACS National Convention 2017




The ACS National Convention attracts nearly 1,000 of the nation’s leading progressive lawyers, law professors, policy advocates, judges and elected officials, providing a unique opportunity to learn about pressing legal issues. The 2017 convention took place from June 8-10 and included panel discussions on a wide range of topics, including the future of constitutional law, immigration, voting rights, reproductive rights and fake news.


Featured Speakers
Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Stephen Breyer, Sen. Mazie Hirono, Attorney General of Massachusetts Maura Healey Southern Center for Human Rights President Steve Bright and Constitutional Rights Advocate Khizr Khan.
We look forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C. next year!

2017 National Convention Summary


  • Norms, Conventions, and Constitutional Governance
  • Progressive Federalism: A New Way Forward?
  • "America First" and Civil Liberties Last?: The Implications of the Trump Administration's Approach to National Security
  • Meeting the Moment: ACS Leaders Reflect on the Legal Resistance


  • A Nation of Immigrants No More?
  • A New Battle in the Fight for Voting Rights
  • The Price of Injustice
  • A Second Gilded Age: The Consolidation of Wealth and Corporate Power
  • Defending New Ground in Reproductive Rights
  • Race and Space: A Straight (Red) Line from Housing Segregation to Communities in Crisis
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? Deciding Whether to Serve in an Unfriendly Administration
  • Social Media, Mobilization, and "Fake News"
  • Finding Your Social Media Voice
  • Government Transparency: Become a Watchdog Using FOIA
  • Run Like a Lawyer: Paths from Practice to Elected Office
  • Voting Rights Institute

Convention Co-Hosts

  • Faith Gay, partner, Quinn Emanuel and member, ACS Board of Advisors
  • Leo Gerrard, international president, United Steelworkers
  • Vanita Gupta, president and CEO, The Leadership Conference
  • Anthony Romero, executive director, ACLU
  • Marc Seltzer, partner, Susman Godfrey LLP and member, ACS Board of Directors

Honorary Co-Chairs

  • Hon. Charles E. Schumer, Senate minority leader
  • Hon. Nancy Pelosi, House minority leader
  • Hon. Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senate
  • Hon. John Conyers, U.S. House of Representatives

Continuing Legal Education

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) documents can be found here.

ACSblog Symposium on the 2017 National Convention

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