November 2, 2021

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm, Pacific Time

Unity III: Public Health


This virtual event is part of our chapter's annual Unity series, which we take great pride in inviting every single student organization to cosponsor. This year, cosponsors include Advocates for Public Interest Law, Students for Reproductive Justice, Women's Legal Association, Multicultural Law Coalition, Dispute Resolution Society, International Law Society, J. Reuben Clark Law Society, OUTlaw, and more. 

The event will focus on public health. The format will consist of a three-speaker panel, in conversation with the moderator (Prof. Koh), discussing how public health policy is shaped and governed, how public health law affects everyday life, and how these laws have factored into the ongoing pandemic. Our speakers are: 

Prof. James Hodge, Director of the Center for Public Health Law and Policy at Arizona State University, 

Prof. Ji Seon Song, now of UCI, recently Thomas C. Grey Fellow and Lecturer in Law at Stanford, where she developed an extensive research project on policing in hospitals, and 

Prof. Jessica Mantel, co-Director of the University of Houston Health Law & Policy Institute, formerly senior attorney in the Office of the General Counsel for the Department of Health and Human Services. 

With this event, we aim to clarify the constitutional underpinnings of public health law, to explore the meaning of "public health," and to scrutinize how these factors have collided during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ZOOM LINK AVAILABLE UPON REGISTRATION (link in our Instagram bio: @pepperdineacs)