February 8, 2024

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm, Eastern Time

The Law of Presidential Impeachment: A Conversation with Professor Michael Gerhardt

Barrister's Hall, BU Law Tower, Boston, Massachusetts

Featured Speakers:

Professor Michael Gerhardt

Professor Robert Tsai

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Official Event Description:

Join Professor Michael Gerhardt, one of the foremost experts in impeachment law in the United States, as he discusses his newest book, The Law of Presidential Impeachment, with BU Law's Professor Robert Tsai. There will be a lot of food including mac and cheese bites, chocolate-covered strawberries and spring rolls!

Professor Gerhardt’s has testified more than 20 times before Congress, including as the only joint witness in the Clinton impeachment proceedings in the House; has spoken behind closed doors to the entire House of Representatives about the history of impeachment in 1998; has served as special counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee for eight of the nine sitting Supreme Court justices; and is one of only two legal scholars to testify in three different presidential impeachment hearings (Clinton in 1998, Trump in 2019, and Biden in 2023). During the Clinton and first Trump impeachment proceedings, Gerhardt served as an impeachment expert for CNN. In the second impeachment trial of President Trump, he served as special counsel to the Presiding Officer, Senator Patrick Leahy.