March 9, 2021

12:30 pm, Eastern Time

The Federalist Society Insurrection: How a Lawyers' Group Contributed to Violence at the Capitol


Just over a month ago, a violent mob attempted to subvert and overthrow the democratic process in favor of reinstalling Donald Trump as President. These insurrectionists were galvanized and cheered by numerous high-level Federalist Society lawyers, from practice group chair John Eastman to Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.

Join the Duke Law ACS Student Chapter, American Civil Liberties Union, Black Law Student Association, If/When/How, OutLaw, and National Lawyers Guild Student Chapters as we welcome, Mark Joseph Stern, legal analyst and Supreme Court correspondent at Slate, who has long covered the Federalist Society's impact on the judiciary. Stern will discuss the Federalist Society's role in insurrection and subverting the democratic process, and stunning silence in the wake of these tragic events.

To attend this event, please join via zoom using the access information here below:

Meeting ID: 830 851 9258. 

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