March 26, 2021

Sixth Annual ACS Constitutional Law Scholars Forum


Join the Barry Law ACS Student Chapter for our sixth annual constitutional law forum. Please find below the tentative schedule of events and registration for this forum.

We hope to see you there.

Session 1: 9:00-11:00 a.m.:

Panel A: The Judiciary: Meeting link:

Dr. David Orentlicher,                       Judicial Consensus

Dr. Ahmed Oudah AL-Dulaimi          From Negative to Positive Legislator? On the New Role of Constitutional Courts as Lawmakers

Professor Meg Penrose                       First Among Equals: Looking Back at the 1971-1972 Supreme Court Term

Professor Kent Greenfield                  A New Constitutional Court


Panel B: Rights and Regulations during a Pandemic: Meeting link:

Dr. Keigo Obayashi                            Responding to a Pandemic and Constitution: Cost and Benefit in the Moderate Model

Dr. Boldizsár Szentgáli-Tóth &           Too much or too little?: The role of constitutional courts

Evelin Burján                                     during the COVID-19 pandemic                                           

Professor Noah Smith-Drelich            The Constitutional Right to Travel Under Quarantine


Panel C: Comparative and International Law: Meeting link:

Dr. Vladimir Nazarov                        Constitutional Base of Law

Dr. Bashar Malkawi                            Role and Structure of Parliaments in Arab Countries: The Status Quo

Professor Csongor István Nagy          The Diagonality of EU Rule of Law: Why Should the European Union Rely on US Constitutional Ideas to Overcome Its Biggest Constitutional Crisis?

Sheikh Sultan Aadil Huque         Linguistic Discrimination Faced by Indigenous Tribal Communities (ITMS) of India & Violation of Constitutional Rights

Panel D: The First Amendment: Speech and Press: Meeting link:

Dr. Barbara Pfeffer-Billauer                Regulating Harmful Speech Via Compelled Speech and Government Speech

Dr. Barbara Pfeffer-Billauer               Creating a New Category of Speech: Science Speech

Professor Ana Santos Rutschman       Vaccine Misinformation And The Regulation Of Speech In Social Media

Dr. Ayaz Ahmad                                Freedom of the Press: Evolution of Media into Propaganda Machine

Session 2: 11:10 a.m.-12:40 p.m.

Panel A: Constitutional Structure and Federalism: Meeting link:

 Emily Chertoff, Esq.                           Citizenship Beyond Borders: The New Immigration Federalism

Professor G. Michael Parsons             Selective Structuralism

Panel B: Law and Religion: Meeting link:

 Professor Antony Kolenc                   “No Help You God”: The Intersection of Religious Liberty and the Federal Rules of Evidence

Aparna Singh, Research Scholar Constitutional Protection of Essential Religious Practices in Indian Reformative Secularism

Dr. Scott Douglas Gerber                   “We Who Differ With Regard To Religion Will Keep The Peace With One Another”: The Intellectual History of European Laws about Religious Toleration Prior to the Planting of English America


Panel C: International Law & the Territories: Meeting link:

 Dr. Jason Buhi Reconstituting China’s Peripheries: Twenty Years of the Macau Basic Law

Professor Andrew Hammond             Territorial Exceptionalism and the American Welfare State

Panel D: Gender Equality: Meeting link:

Professor Melina Girardi Fachin         Multilevel Feminist Constitutionalism

Dr. Danaya Wright         Adventures in the Article V Wonderland: Justiciability and Legal Sufficiency of the ERA Ratifications

Cornelia Weiss, Esq.      The Creation and Degradation of Women’s Rights Under the Constitutions Erected in the German Laender Under Occupation by the U.S. in Post-WWII Occupied Germany


Session 3: 12:50-2:50 p.m.

Panel A: Race Discrimination, the Thirteenth Amendment, and Equal Protection: Meeting link:

 Professor Gabriel “Jack” Chin            The Blueprint for Dred Scott: United States v. Dow and the Multi-Racial Jurisprudence of White Supremacy

Professor Reginald Oh                       Thick Discrimination and Equal Protection

Professor David Simson                     Hope Dies Last: The Progressive Potential and Regressive Reality of the Antibalkanization Approach to Racial Equality


Panel B: Constitutional Criminal Procedure: Meeting link:

Professor Eang Ngov                         More Than Friends: Recognizing Dichotomous Relationships in the Fourth Amendment Third Party Doctrine

Joseph Alfe                                         Digital Privacy Concerns and the Fourth Amendment: Law Enforcement Overreach in Digital Surveillance

Professor Michael Gentithes               It's Exigent Circumstances, Stupid! Reconceiving Warrant Exceptions in Officer-Citizen Interactions

Professor Brian Owsley                     Geofencing and Geofence Warrants


Panel C: Free Speech : Meeting link:

Dr. Timothy Shiell               Anti-Orthodoxy and Inclusion as a Foundation for Free Speech Justifications

Dennis Wall                         Stipulated Limitations on Disclosure of Information: The role of the First Amendment

Jennifer Safstrom              Time to SLAPP Back: Advocating Against the Adverse Civil Liberties Implications of Litigation that Undermines Public Participation 

Dr. Cynthia Boyer                               Tweeter in Chief: Government Speech, Regulation, and Social Media


Panel D: Crime, Punishment, and the Constitution : Meeting link:

Dr. Raff Donelson                             Natural Punishment

Dr. Michael Conklin                           Botched Statistics on Botched Executions: Refuting Austin Sarat’s Claims

Professor Brendan Conner                Fine Tuning: Reconciling Eighth Amendment “Fines” and Police- and Prosecutor-Led Civil Enforcement Post-Timbs

Professor Russell Christopher            Positive Autonomy, Consent, and Coercion


Panel E: Judicial Review : Meeting link:

Professor Meghan Boone                  Perverse & Irrational

Professor Scott Dodson                     Article III and the Political-Question Doctrine

Dr. Rachel Bayefsky                          What $1 Can Buy: Nominal Damages and Article III


Session 4: 3:00-4:30 p.m.

Panel A: Democracy and Governance : Meeting link:

Professor Joshua Ulan Galperin          The Public Role in Private Governance

Professor Michael Froomkin &          Fixing the Senate: A User's Guide

David Froomkin


Panel B: Presidential Limits : Meeting link:

Dr. Björn Arp                                     Presidential Term Limits and the Right to Political Participation

Dr. Michael Conklin                           Yes, Self-Pardons Are Constitutional, Even for Donald Trump

Professor A. Christopher Bryant &     Bringing a Fork to a Gunfight: The Senate Acquittal on the

Professor Kimberly Breedon             Second Article of Impeachment and the Future of Congressional Oversight


Panel C: Separation of Powers : Meeting link:

Professor Loren Jacobson                   Resurrecting Schechter Poultry and Panama Refining: A Call for a “Heightened Scrutiny” Nondelegation Doctrine as Applied to Congressional Delegations to the President

Professor Bijal Shah                          Faithful Execution in Presidential Administration

Dr. Jorge M. Farinacci-Fernós            The Transformation of the Territorial Clause: From Temporary Incorporation to Permanent Non-Incorporation


Session 5: 4:40-5:40 p.m.                                                                             

Panel A: First Amendment Speech : Meeting link:

Professor David Sloss                        Information Warfare and the First Amendment

Dr. Ken Levy                                      May State Universities Fire Professors Who Endorse Trumpism?


Panel B: Race and Public Health : Meeting link:

Professor Etienne Toussaint               American Waste Land: Slavery, Swamps, and Specters of Colonial Modernity 

Professor Christopher Ogolla Constitutional Challenges of Using Race-Based Medicine during a Pandemic


Panel C: The Second Amendment and National Security : Meeting link:

Professor Michael Ulrich                   Second Amendment Rights and Race: The Constitutional Relevance of Disparities in Gun Violence

Professor Robert Knowles                  LOVEINT


Panel D: Political Parties and Voting Rights : Meeting link:

Dr. Wayne Batchis                              Political Parties and the Switch from Equal Protection to the First Amendment

Professor Brian Leonard                    Is Shelby County v. Holder the new Plessy v. Ferguson?