April 2, 2019

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Rethinking US Election Law

Louisville Brandeis School of Law, Room 175, Louisville, KY

ACS welcomes Professor Steven J. Mulroy, who will deliver a presentation on his new book, Rethinking US Election Law. 

Recent U.S. elections have defied nationwide majority preference at the White House, Senate, and House levels. This work of interdisciplinary scholarship explains how “winner-take-all” and single-member district elections make this happen, and what can be done to repair the system. Proposed reforms include the National Popular Vote interstate compact (presidential elections); eliminating the Senate filibuster; and proportional representation using Ranked Choice Voting for House, state, and local elections.

Please join us for an important conversation about this critical topic as we roll into the 2020 Presidential Election.