April 11, 2019

12:10 pm - 1:00 pm, Eastern Time

Religion and Discrimination: Masterpiece, Bladensburg, Title X and More

Room 121, New Haven, CT

On behalf of the American Constitution Society, I am pleased to invite you to “Religion and Discrimination: Masterpiece, Bladensburg, Title X and More,” a lunch talk with Louise Melling of the ACLU, taking place next Thursday, April 11 from 12:10-1pm in SLB 121. Ms. Melling will be discussing religious discrimination and the weaponization of the First Amendment by situating recent and ongoing litigation within the broader context of the fight for civil liberties. We are very excited to have her here, and hope you will join us for what is sure to be a fascinating talk. Lunch will, of course, be provided.


LOUISE MELLING is a Deputy Legal Director at the ACLU and the Director of its Center for Liberty, which encompasses the ACLU’s work on reproductive freedom, women’s rights, LGBT rights, freedom of religion and belief, and disability rights. Melling has established the ACLU as a national leader in opposing the use of religion to discriminate and in supporting state advocacy teams that have pushed back legislation that would permit discrimination in the name of religion. She is a graduate of the Yale Law School and Oberlin College and has been with the ACLU since 1992, serving in several roles before becoming a Deputy Legal Director in 2010. Prior to joining the ACLU, Melling clerked for Judge Morris Lasker of the Southern District of New York and worked for Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky & Lieberman.