October 31, 2019

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm, Eastern Time

Project Green Light: A Talk w/ Eric Williams from DJC and ACLU

Wayne State University Law School (2242 DJK), Detroit, Michigan

Project Green Light is a surveillance measure implemented by the Detroit PD in order to surveille and actively record crime as the supposed crimes occur. Initially, they sought to implement facial recognition technology as a tool to be used by the police to identify suspects and store these faces in a database with little to no oversight. A clear violation of our privacy rights, this technology largely misidentifies Black people. Eric Williams is the lead attorney at DJC and ACLU focusing in on this concern and has been a voice of Detroiters in this fight to eliminate this technology's inception, or to at the very least, a voice in creating stronger guidelines for those who will presumably use this on and against Detroiters.