February 28, 2023

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm, Pacific Time

Police Brutality & Reform in Sacramento: A Narrative by Stevante Clark

Sacramento, California

This event was held by our ACS chapter in collaboration with our Mcgeorge BLSA chapter. We were honored to host our guest speaker, Stevante Clark.

This is his bio: Stevante Clark, the older brother of Stephon Clark came to national attention after he stormed the city hall chambers chanting his brother's name. Stevante is a public speaker, signed recording artist with Black Market records and human rights activist, who fights to promote accountability on all levels. He is the creative director and founder of the annual Stephon Clark Legacy weekend. Mr. Clark is the creative director of Sacramento's first-ever annual Harambee Festival which had a community turnout of over 500 people.

Stevante Clark has developed a track record of activist, and community work as he is a former board member of the Measure U Community Advisory Board which oversees the way the city spends funds from a city sales tax that voters approved in November 2018. The Measure U tax increase could bring revenue of $100M a year to the city. In his spare time, he is the content creator for "Conversations with Mr. Cllark" and he is a former instructions aide for the Rose Familly Creative Empowerment Center. In addition, Mr. Clark has created Stephon House, which is a recreational center and library for local and statewide families. He also fought and provided a path to AB 392, which changed law enforcement's standard for the use of deadly force.

After the tragic death of his younger brother, Stephon Clark, at the hand of 2 Sacramento police officers and the traumatic psychological events that occurred thereafter, Stevante has beautifully and painfully taken these experiences and evolved into a mental health advocate for young boys and men of color who experience a variety of issues. Stevante has been a strong advocate for increased community involvement and accountability from all community members. He has created Stephon Sunday Service to provide a platform for the community to have a voice. He is actively involved with various community youth groups and seeking to expand in honor of his slain brother. To join and contribute to the movement you can go to this website: www.IAMSACevents.org